First Quarter Moon celebrates Jupiter: yay?


Jupiter only changes signs once a year. This is the day Jupiter enters Libra – and it happens exactly with the First Quarter Moon – in Sagittarius, ruler of Jupiter.

This is the year of NEGOTIATING.




This is a SUPER JUPITER day! With BIG things to come as the Moon waxes. (Next week is the Full Moon that is also a LUNAR ECLIPSE! More on that soon…)

This Quarter Moon – with the Moon conjunct high energy Mars – heats up emotions, like anger and personalizes things that flip your switches and make your blood BOIL. There can be fierce rivalries for who’s THE GREATEST, making it easy to feel frustrated as our collective angst is aroused by competitive conflicts.

And that makes it all the more important to negotiate!

Jupiter – at an Aries point – is bold and outgoing – especially as it enters sociable Libra. Smile. Everyone is watching and friendship matters. Diplomacy can help you influence people and be mega successful this year. Especially if you can keep any tendency towards temper in check. Jupiter in Libra likes to play nice, even if it’s all show. Dance with it!

Chart for the First Quarter Moon and Jupiter enters Libra (in NYC):
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