Solar Eclipse on September 1: Believing

newmoon-eclipse-9-1-16For the past few days, artcharts dailies have been all about the current Mars-Saturn conjunction square Neptune. It’s a big deal on a big scale, and it’s still getting bigger. So here’s more about it….

The SOLAR ECLIPSE – New Moon in Virgo – joins the North Node, which makes this a SOLAR ECLIPSE.

(This Annular SOLAR ECLIPSE is not visible in the US – it will be a “Ring of Fire” in eastern Africa. At the New Moon, the Moon & Sun are conjunct and not visible during daylight – except if a Solar Eclipse is visible.)

This pairing of the Moon&Sun adds emphasis to the T-Square of the Mars-Saturn conjunction opposing Neptune and the South Node. Pressure! This is heavy AND confusing. We can self-sabotage – or be undermined – without even knowing it. Con artists can pull strings we didn’t even know were connected.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is starting to ease off, it’s not over. Even more influential is Saturn-square-Neptune – and the Solar Eclipse EXACTLY opposes Neptune and squares Saturn, and Mars!!!!

Here’s the problem (from artcharts daily on August 26):
“Charismatic con artists can hold hypnotic sway over We the People, as conspiracy theories override facts. Clear, realistic thinking can be seem boring compared to the fantastic reality that can be conjured. Yet, Mars-Saturn reminds us there are consequences when we don’t take responsibility for our passions, our actions – and our delusions.”

The important question we can ask ourselves is: What ARE we seeing? If we see what we want to see, and make up a story about it’s importance, or truthfulness, does that make it true? The temptation to project a fantasy is what’s real here.

And this is what’s been happening on the world stage – as fear & loathing mix with beliefs & hazy impressions to challenge all the facts and rational thinking that exist. None of it matters because it’s not about facts. We have beliefs. And there are facts. One doesn’t negate the other. But when we cut off one side to favor the other, we create an imbalance. And a reality based on fiction. And as that imbalance grows, it becomes more and more distorted and fictional. We believe ideas that are blown out of proportion and not real.

But the aspects also show us this is old stuff. Neptune – planet of illusions – is conjunct the South Lunar Node. This means this is old stuff. Familiar and therefore easy to fall back on. Like comfort food. And like comfort food, it may not really be all that nutritious. Although it can satisfy a craving and seem to make the fear disappear. Again, we are subject to illusion now (Neptune opposes the SOLAR ECLIPSE and squares Mars & Saturn).

While Mars is starting to move away from this pattern, Mercury will continue to square Mars through mid October. The MAJOR INFLUENCE of this t-Square is a href=””>Saturn square Neptune, and that will be exact on September 10, just as Jupiter changes signs (a href=””>Jupiter enters Libra).

Saturn-Neptune is about challenging our belief systems (BS). Are our belief systems BS, or are they valid? Are they based on fears that keep us locked in patterns, giving us the seeming right to hate others who may have nothing to do with our situation. What happens when we put all the blame on others and don’t look at solutions that really could make our lives better? What happens when we give all our power to a charismatic leader who makes vague promises that make us feel better, but have no basis in reality? Are we being misled? And can we take responsibility if we’re being duped?

Saturn square Neptune is long-term and all-permeating. It brings up dissatisfaction from an unconscious place, stuff you didn’t know was there and is hard to pinpoint. And it happens on a mass scale because it’s the outer planets. And this stuff has to come up. Religious and spiritual beliefs are called up and into question. The word RELIGION is from the Latin religare, ligare meaning connection, like ligaments that connect bone and muscle. We have hit a time in our culture where change is real, yet hard to get our heads around. Basic life principles have been called into question and not everyone is ready to or wants to keep up with the changes in thought and beliefs. Yet, Saturn reminds us – this is real.

What if – instead of venting more blame and hate we could take responsibility and find more compassion – for ourselves and each other? Just because others – and ourselves – make mistakes, doesn’t mean we HAVE TO get stuck in an endless loop of judgments. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will remind of of this, again, and again, and again…

When we give in to blame and hate, we are putting ourselves in the victim (Neptune) role, instead of accepting our role as co-creator and participant in the world we all inhabit. What CAN we do when we encourage ourselves and others?

Next year! There will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE visible in the US on August 21, 2017. It will be most visible on the Pacific Coast and through the southern Mid West and South.

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