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This report describes future trends, especially psychological and environmental changes that you are likely to encounter-- even includes the 4 asteroids and Chiron. More...
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Jupiter in Taurus
(June 2011 - June 2012)
(May 16, 2023 - May 25, 2024)

Enlarge your spreadsheets --- just like King Midas, Jupiter in Taurus wants to turn everything into gold. It's not enough to have an idea, it's time to put your ideas to work, steadily making money. To have abundance, you'll need to have faith! Jupiter wants to increase your financial picture, but if its intentions get blocked, you could find yourself greedily hoarding possessions and stuffing your face, yet never satisfied with your loot. When expansion is allowed, money is seen as an energy that connects us all. Money is invested generously and wisely to serve and support people who then generate more income and create a better society, creating more income. Sharing and being supportive creates wealth for Jupiter in Taurus.

Jupiter in Taurus has conservative opinions; spiritual values reflect the more practical concerns of making a living; ethical/moral principles are strictly in keeping with financial class affiliations; ideals are practical, yet tolerant. If you want to take a financial risk, think twice about your return ratio before finalizing any deals. Promises for a rosy future won't cut it; make it real when Jupiter is in Taurus.

Astrological Jupiter
Jupiter rules your potential for growth and expansion on many levels; physical, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and the accumulation of material assets, power, and status. It describes your optimism and aspirations. It represents your father and his position in society. Jupiter is the astrological ruler of Sagittarius and the ancient ruler of Pisces.

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