Equinox with a side of Mercury direct

Everything happens at once.

On Thursday, September 22,
Mercury stations Direct @ 3:05 AM EDT
Autumn Equinox arrives at 10:21 AM EDT




Mercury’s Direct station happens while Mercury & Pluto are trine.
The first trine was BEFORE Mercury stationed Direct. The next trine is the AFTER Mercury stations Direct.
This means a trine that usually lasts a few hours was in effect for 3 DAYS!
This trines can help us to be PERCEPTIVE.

We can get to the bottom of things – provided we are curious and willing to DIG. And it won’t take any heavy lifting to dig for dirt.
With an open mind, we can see beyond manipulations and power grabs and understand what’s really going on behind the scenes.
If crucial information is not revealed over the next fe days, it will be over the next week as Mercury starts moving forward.

Information can come from “other sources,” which an be not only psychic but top secret. And this intelligence can help us make better choices.

Autumn EQUINOX occurs when the Sun is at 0 Libra 00 AND at 00 S 00 declination. Declination is the angle of the Sun to the Equator, which is what creates equal night & day. After the Autumn Equinox, the Sun will start moving South until Winter Solstice.

Along with the light, all things are in balance.

This is a time to be social. You may be more outgoing and uninhibited with people. It’s a time to enjoy being social.

The Libra Sun is just about to conjunct Jupiter (exact Monday, September 26). It’s time to expand your social circle. Don’t be shy about networking – online and in-person.

Optimism grows, which can make you super confident and generous. Everything’s good, which can make you forget to pay attention to people’s intentions or character flaws.

Venus – the ruler of the Libra Sun – is at the very end of Libra at Equinox, and will enter Scorpio the day after Equinox, on September 23.

But Venus is not void-of-course at Equinox, since she will receive a trine from the MOON in Gemini just before leaving Libra. You may do anything to get likes, which can come off as trying too hard. Sure, you want friends and lovers, but if you let it flow, it will.

Milan Kundera said it perfectly. Sometimes “life is elsewhere.” Wish i had time to write more, but then there’s life. Love you all, always. More when i can…. Your + feedback and support means A LOT!

Chart for Equinox, Sun enters Libra (in NYC):
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