Jun 30

July 2018 Astrology Outlook

JULY 2018

The BIG events of July are the Eclipses.
— Partial Solar on July 12/13.
— TOTAL Lunar on July 27

Mercury stations Retrograde on July 25/26, just before the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

Jupiter makes a DIRECT station on July 10

And Mars Retrograde continues to square Uranus, promising an edgy, unsettled summer. The next exact Mars-Uranus square is August 1, so anxiety can build throughout July.
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Jun 27

Happy Full Moon, seriously

Full Moon
June 27/28
@ 12:53 AM EDT
Moon @ 6 Capricorn 29
Sun @ 6 Cancer 29

The Full Moon, coming late at night (12:53 AM EDT), straddles 2 days. So the actual date depends on where you are. The fruits of the previous NEW MOON are ready to be reaped. If we have done the work of the NEW MOON and found our inner joy, the FULL MOON is the time to reap our revelations. If not, opposites can disconnect and divide. Continue reading

Jun 20

Summer 2018: doin’ the back step

Summer 2018.
Solstice ~ June 21, 2018
@ 6:07 AM EDT
Sun @ 0 Cancer 00

Summertime. And time to take steps backwards. How many steps backwards? 7 planets and Black Moon Lilith will station RETROGRADE (or are currently Retrograde) this summer. That’s not normal, but historically, it has accompanied big changes in the world. Continue reading

Sep 06

Full Moon in Pisces: the dream gap

Full Moon
September 6, 2017
@ 3:02:48 AM EDT
Moon @ 12 Pisces 53
Sun @ 12 Virgo 53
Neptune @ 13 Pisces 49 Rx

The Full Moon in Pisces makes everything more dreamy. And vague. Truth and fiction are separated by a large gap. Are we Dreaming? Like the seashore, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. Can we build a bridge, or is the gap just too wide to cross, leaving us on opposing shores. Continue reading