Full Moon in Pisces: the dream gap

Full Moon
September 6, 2017
@ 3:02:48 AM EDT
Moon @ 12 Pisces 53
Sun @ 12 Virgo 53
Neptune @ 13 Pisces 49 Rx

The Full Moon in Pisces makes everything more dreamy. And vague. Truth and fiction are separated by a large gap. Are we Dreaming? Like the seashore, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. Can we build a bridge, or is the gap just too wide to cross, leaving us on opposing shores.

So here we find ourselves. Are we in a dream or a nightmare? Mercury has barely started moving forward, and Neptune, Retrograde, conjunct the Moon, and opposing the Sun, creates ever more illusions to (seemingly) purposely confuse the public (Moon). Nothing is clear. Yet, belief does not replace fact.

Projection of deceit and deception for shady means is prevalent, especially spiking around this Full Moon. And the rains came….

The Asteroid Pallas helps us make sense of the shifting sands of this Full Moon, even if it’s just realizing how much illusion is being assumed to be reality. Pallas is sextile the Moon and Neptune. This can add to the confusion, but also help us access our dream state and open us to our psychic/telepathic awareness. Pallas also encourages the impulse to help those in need – and there are plenty in need right now. This pattern can show us that many are in an impressionable state-of-mind, not realizing that the delusions they believe are not real. Negative influences can be very powerful and attractive now, as Pallas trines Pluto and squares Venus.

*** In case you missed this over the weekend (because it didn’t miss us!) ***
Over the holiday weekend and into this week, the Eclipse is being activated as Mercury & Mars converged on the Eclipse degree while exactly trine Uranus. (Mercury is conjunct the Eclipse degree on September 6) This is a HIGH energy-release aspect where no impulse is “off the table.” Expected unexpected statements, assertions, and revelations. Information that surfaces now can be a game changer that blows everyone’s mind. Since the Full Moon is approaching, the window of awareness is wide open and whatever unpredictable events happen now will peak with Tuesday’s Mercury Direct station and Wednesday’s Full Moon. This is also an opportunity to push past old beliefs and move fearlessly into the future.

Chart for the Full Moon in Pisces (in NYC):

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