July 2018 Astrology Outlook

JULY 2018

The BIG events of July are the Eclipses.
— Partial Solar on July 12/13.
— TOTAL Lunar on July 27

Mercury stations Retrograde on July 25/26, just before the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

Jupiter makes a DIRECT station on July 10

And Mars Retrograde continues to square Uranus, promising an edgy, unsettled summer. The next exact Mars-Uranus square is August 1, so anxiety can build throughout July.


The Partial Solar Eclipse (July 12/13), coming with the NEW Moon in Cancer, can focus us on our “tribes,” which group feels like family, and embrace it. Power is polarizing, absolute, and eager to create conflict. Yet there will be a strong resistance from the public (Moon opposing Pluto exactly). And since this is a SOLAR ECLIPSE, there is also a partial block of consciousness. Yet, it is possible to gain greater insights into the origins of intense conflicts.

The TOTAL Lunar Eclipse (July 27) is in AQUARIUS conjunct Mars Retrograde. This is a very passionate time that asks us to look within (Retrograde) to understand how we use and express our energy and passion. Mars Retrograde that energy may not be used effective and can backfire.

Also at the Full Moon on July 27, Mercury makes a RETROGRADE station, throwing more uncertainty into the already stressed-out mix.

I’ll post blogs about the 2 lunations of July – the New Moon (+ partial lunar eclipse) on July 12/13 and the Full Moon (+total solar eclipse) on July 27, along with daily posting to help all of us relate to important daily aspects. Meanwhile…. here’s an overview (or, what the calendars CAN’T tell you!).

The entire month is a build-up to events occurring during week BETWEEN the New and Full Moons. Also extending through early August. This doesn’t mean the event occurs and it’s over. It’s part of a cycle and it continues. No ugs! This is about finding and living in our consciousness – without editorializing if it’s “good” or “bad.” We have seen uncountable amount of times “good” aspects produce unwanted results. What aspects do is grease the wheels or create more tension. They don’t “make” things perfect for you.

As the aspects heat up to high ANXIETY this month, remember potassium (among other things) to keep your nerves humming… (cook and then cool potassium-rich potatoes for maximum de-stress benefits).

Staying centered in the midst of chaos is the goal – and the key to creativity – and the increased consciousness that comes from knowing and understanding the transiting aspects can help us, not only to navigate, but also remain in our centers. Right now – before you continue reading – is a great time to do a few DEEP breaths, in through the nose, out through the nose. Slowly… Deeply….

Here are a few of July’s big triggers.

On July 20, the South Node and Mars make its second conjunction (because Mars is retrograde, so this will happen one more time (September 26). This is POWER through conservative outlooks and decrees that have very public reach. Since this is Mars RETROGRADE and conjunct the SOUTH Node (past) – in Aquarius, a fixed sign – there is increased stubbornness and inflexibility. Many people will be intractably set on ideas that will take them back to the past, and are not intended to add to anyone’s future growth. Not everyone is interested in growth or making positive progress. And once Mars stations Direct and conjuncts the South Node again in September, the conservative wave can be empowered to have a stronger influence.

On July 9, as Jupiter stations Direct, Venus enters Virgo and conjuncts Ceres – and – trines Juno & Uranus in early Taurus – and trines Saturn in early Capricorn, forming a GRAND EARTH TRINE that lasts all month long.

Venus&Ceres – trine Juno&Uranus – trine Saturn

This is a strong earth mother positive influence, yet the inclusion of Uranus in Taurus shows there can be stressful, destabilizing changes – and a loud call to action – for the women (and men) who mother our culture. Even with Uranus included, the Grand Earth Trine has a calming influence. It shows the need to slow down before ripping apart everything we have built, although Uranus in Taurus is ready to disrupt everything stable and (seemingly) solid. Yet, the Grand Trine shows that it won’t be easy to rip everything apart and women will take a strong stand and feel they are perfectly capable of making necessary changes and upgrades (Uranus in Taurus).

Strong commitment and focus can help define goals so you can move steadily toward achieving those goals. This is the kind of strength that is entrenched, committed, and doesn’t back off. You SEE it, you GET it, and you are inspired to go for it. Without having to take a big risk or do something out of character, you’ll know what to do and when to do it.

Since the Grand Trine is in Earth and includes Saturn (in its rulership sign of Capricorn) the focus can be on goals and achievement. Yet, real progress can happen – and ruts avoided – when, along with outer success, you continue to do your own inner work.

More soon… !

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