The Goddesses of Summer

Summer 2018. The Asteroid Goddesses are shouting out a message:: we are “mothering” a new era. The Asteroids are part of powerful patterns that will underscore the Eclipses and define the Summer of 2018.

There is a GRAND EARTH TRINE – and a FIXED T-SQUARE – both already in effect – connecting Ceres, Saturn, Juno, Uranus, Pallas, and the Lunar Nodes. And it will continue to intensify throughout July and into August. We have a choice – to feel our love, or to erect more barriers and create more division.

The tense FIXED T-SQUARE centers on Uranus-Juno at the focal point – square Pallas-North Node on one side, and square Mars-South Node on the other. I wrote about the Mars-Uranus square in a recent post – July 2018 OutLook and in both posts on Uranus in Taurus (Uranus in Taurus: WOKE is the new cool and Uranus makes contact). This GRAND EARTH TRINE and FIXED T-SQUARE have much to tell us, making this an ideal time to write more about the Goddesses of Summer.

Here’s the pattern:

Venus&Ceres (in Virgo) – trine Juno&Uranus (in Taurus) – trine Saturn (in Capricorn)

Uranus-Juno (in Taurus) – square South Node-Mars (in Aquarius) and square North Node (in Leo)

That’s a preponderance of feminine, solid earth energy, focused on organizing and nurturing and money. And then comes – Uranus.

Uranus in Taurus (an Earth sign) will literally shake the ground beneath our feet. Whether by shock&awe, or by constant erosion.

While Uranus can be destabilizing and stressful, chaos creates the future. There are different varieties of chaos, light chaos is creative, dark chaos is confusing and can accompany negative results.

The EARTH GRAND TRINE – including Uranus – lets us know that the GODDESS ASTEROIDS can inspire us birth a new future – while the overwhelming amount of RETROGRADE planets – including Mars Retrograde – show there is a strong pull back to the past. That’s tension!

Uranus in Taurus, conjunct Juno – and part of the GRAND EARTH TRINE – and at the focal point of a T-Square – may be stressed, yet not make quick change, and instead create change through erosion. If you’re not sick of it yet, the constant barrage of unpredictable Uranus can erode what’s been built, including your sense of solidity, stability, and decency. And that includes financial stability (Taurus, earth grand trine).

Uranus & Juno form one end of the GRAND EARTH TRINE, and they are squaring Pallas & the North Node on one side – and South Node & Mars on the other, forming a FIXED T-SQUARE. The SQUARE to Mars-Uranus keeps everything it touches on EDGE (and will through the summer). The nature of a GRAND TRINE, with its endless loop of TRINES (which in Earth can dig in like a rut), is stopped short by the tension of being the centerpiece of the FIXED SQUARE.

Juno, a symbol of relationship, trust, reliability, is conjunct Uranus – independence, unpredictablity. Right there we have a conflict of interests. Will we make commitments, or make them and break them?

Since these very different concepts are sharing the same space (possibly within each of us), we would ideally allow space for both to exist. If you are sure and secure in your own individual needs and experience, you can give yourself, and your partner, more space within a relationship.

Many of us are changing the way we define committed relationships. We are able to make commitments, yet be ourselves, do our work, follow our path. And if you don’t want more space, a partner may. It may also be that your greatest growth relationship is with yourself – the July transits remind us we do NOT have to be in a relationship to be loved and fulfilled. ANd that all successful relationships are built on 2 (more?) individuals.

Uranus, the reformer, also looks at children who are disenfranchised or victimized and reminds us to TAKE CARE OF THEM. We can all participate in making this happen.

One end of the GRAND EARTH TRINE is a conjunction of Venus and Ceres, now upgraded from asteroid to dwarf planet. Love can be nurtured and nurturing can be emotional. You can FEEL the sensuality of nurturing, which can inspire a creative awakening and outpouring of emotion. Whatever you do can be done with style, grace, and beauty. Since this conjunction is in EARTH and part of a GRAND TRINE, the usual cautions – of mixing love & nurture, and forgetting important things, like eating – are unlikely to manifest.

Ceres & Venus are trine Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn. The love & nurturing of Venus-Ceres benefits the structure, plans, goals of Saturn in Capricorn, commitments are easier to make and keep, goals can arise from inspiration rather than feeling forced. Yet, not everything is likely to work out immediately since Saturn is Retrograde and plans may need to be reviewed.

Ceres trine Saturn indicates that nurturing MAY have been supportive of who YOU are. But Saturn also limits and curtails, so it is also possible that love was not shown and rules were too rigid. Whichever (some of both?) describes your past, this is a time to re-parent, for YOU to give yourself the positive validation you needed then, and still need now, to feel strong and supported.

Ceres & Venus are also trine Juno & Uranus. Somehow, some way, you can be inspired to make things grow, whether it’s children, plants, pets. The more you share, the more fulfilled you’ll feel.

Above and below, NEW MOONS are seed times, but even more to the point – NEW MOONS are the times seeds take ROOT. What we plant now will grow to fruition at the FULL MOON. And we get to the see its progress at the FIRST QUARTER MOON, when the Moon squares the Sun.

More soon on the coming – and intense – SOLAR ECLIPSE/NEW MOON on July 12/13….

Chart for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on July 12/13 (cast for NYC):

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