July 12/13 Solar Eclipse-New Moon: power vs power

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse
July 12/13 2018
@ 10:48 PM EDT
Sun and Moon @ 20 Cancer 41
Pluto @ 20 Capricorn 00

Power OVER the people? Or – absolute power ECLIPSED? And how will the people respond to authoritative power?

There is a PARTIAL Solar Eclipse July 12/13 (time depends on where you are). The further East (Europe, Asia), the more you’ll see. (This is not visible in the USA, but we got ours last year!)

The Cancer New Moon speaks to your inner sanctum; your inner emotions, what gives you sustenance and security, your inner life, and your connection to those near and dear. The Cancer New Moon gives us the cover of emotional security, and access to the deep joy that nurtures us. This New Moon can also give us more conscious awareness of our subconscious processes and emotions, our automatic responses, our primal programming. This is a seed time for greater conscious growth.

But there’s a catch.

And a call to greater consciousness.

It’s Pluto.

Pluto is EXACTLY opposing the New Moon – same degree. Pluto is at 20 Capricorn 00, moving backwards. So it will continue to contact the Eclipse degree through the end of 2019. That’s another year and a half.

Pluto is a powerful planet. In opposition to the New Moon, it can summon what is deeply buried to the surface so it can be transformed into consciousness awareness. What wisdom is hiding under your pile of seeming trash? This can be a time to uncover it, and release it, both emotionally and on the physical. When’s the last time you cleaned out your closet? Perhaps you can make it a family project!?

Pluto opposing the Solar Eclipse is release of POWER. Pluto-in-Capricorn has the potential authoritarian power. But Pluto is opposed by the New Moon/Eclipse, so there is strong resistance -from the People (Moon) – to the use of absolute power. The Moon, our subconscious, the people, our automatic responses, overshadows the Sun, making what is usually invisible, visible. And what do we see when all is revealed? The Moon taking a bite out of the Sun. The WILL of the people makes its needs (New Moon) known (Eclipse).

Yet, Pluto – opposing the Moon and the Sun – makes it likely there will be an equally strong reaction to the POWERFUL will of the people. Using force and intimidation may not achieve desired results, and can even backfire. Yet, it can also be powerful and influential enough to sway many.

If there is any desire to understand the root of conflict and to take responsibility (Pluto is in Capricorn, responsibility), bridges can be crossed, conflicts resolved, and solutions reached. But if that doesn’t happen, is not really possible to find working, practical solutions to power that will use ANY force to achieve its ends. What CAN be aroused is more hatred, mean-spiritedness, prejudice. Yet, if you remember my last post The Goddesses of Summer, the feminine is rising. As we learn to fearlessly let our inner feminine arise, we can SEE, acknowledge, and transform all that angry energy into love and kindness.

As a path finder and spiritual seeker, you are more likely to choose love and kindness than to feel and express the angriest energy possible. Not that women and men haven’t been treated horribly. Yet, we can still choose KINDNESS. This is the CANCER New Moon, we are looking for ways to care and nurture, ourselves and others.

As you looking for hidden gems, the New Moon opposing Pluto can give x-ray vision to see more deeply into your past, uncovering old buried traumas and opening you to new and more loving possibilities – which uncovers YOUR personal power. The Eclipse can help you see more deeply into your (usually hidden) subconscious so you can work through issues that have been subtly separating you from your love and throwing you off course for years (lifetimes?). The difference between POWER and FORCE is clear.

We cannot control how the super powerful will act or react, how they will use the FORCE available to them. But what we CAN do is find our inner peace. This is psychological centering, a consciously found calm space in a turbulent world.

Pluto cuts out whatever you no longer need to move into the future with joy and energy. The clarity Pluto reveals you can help you to focus on what is MOST important to you, to live and express your true purpose.

After the New Moon in Cancer, with each passing LUNAR PHASE leading to the Full Moon-TOTAL Lunar Eclipse of July 27 (in Leo), more of the path forward will be revealed, either by (seemingly magical) events or through challenges. As we lead up to the Eclipse, Artcharts Daily will keep posting on artcharts Daily Astrology.

Be the bridge you want to see in the world.


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