Summer 2018: doin’ the back step

Summer 2018.
Solstice ~ June 21, 2018
@ 6:07 AM EDT
Sun @ 0 Cancer 00

Summertime. And time to take steps backwards. How many steps backwards? 7 planets and Black Moon Lilith will station RETROGRADE (or are currently Retrograde) this summer. That’s not normal, but historically, it has accompanied big changes in the world.

The Retrograde planets include: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter (till July 10), Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus (starting September 8) and Black Moon Lilith (see the Retrograde Planet calendar to your left, and scroll down)

So what does this mean?

Let’s look at the Summer Solstice chart.

There’s a WATER GRAND TRINE with Mercury (in Cancer), Jupiter (in Scorpio), Neptune (in Pisces). Emotions go round and round, stirring our creative primal juices. And this will repeat as Mercury stations Retrograde in late July.

Meanwhile, we have to talk about MARS.

Mars stations RETROGRADE on June 26 – 5 days after Solstice, one day before the FULL MOON – this is PEAK energy. This means Mars is stationery at Solstice. And that’s a heavy moment in time, which amplifies, and can dampen, the aggressive energy that is Mars. Mars conjunct the South Node tends to hold on to the past (conjunct the South Node) while the sign Aquarius opens us to the kind of change that becomes The Future. As you may remember, when Uranus entered Taurus last month, Mars exactly squared Uranus – forecasting a summer of high-anxiety. You may feel an automatic pull-back to the past, yet the future can open you to more interesting and mysterious adventures with the promise or releasing illusions and raising consciousness – without hostility shock or anger. Or lingering stress….

[MARS RX TIMELINE: On June 26/27, Mars stations Retrograde @ 9 Aquarius 13 and moves back into Capricorn on August 12. Mars stations DIRECT on August 27 @ 28 Capricorn 36 and moves back into Aquarius on September 10.]

While Retrograde, Mars will be forming a FIXED GRAND SQUARE
Mars conjunct South Node – square Jupiter – square Venus – square Uranus twice as it Retrogrades.

VENUS and MARS exactly oppose at Solstice. Mars wants to go all the way male, while Venus with the North Node wants to live and love, dance and play, celebrate and enjoy. Whether we agree or disagree, extreme opposites are TOO polarizing – and exciting to ignore.

This means there’s a VENUS-MARS opposition EXACTLY at Solstice. (MARS and South NODE oppose VENUS.) This is an OLD standoff between the male and female polarities that is ready to be rebalanced. There is a split between the push of progress and the pull of the old ways. Yet the energy of Mars is to be ready NOW, without thinking much about it. Mars is not only conjunct the South Node (past) in a futuristic sign (confusing), it’s also stationing RETROGRADE – literally moving backwards.

Mars and the South Node have been and will continue to connect all summer. And Black Moon Lilith will connect with the South Node and Mars after it stations Direct. This shows the very real and physical nature of Mars. As women come into their power, men can feel threatened, especially men that have are strongly identified with the masculine. This is why there are strong reactions among some men who feel threatened by the growing wave of women taking their power.

The Solstice is right after the First Quarter Moon, so all the seeds sown at the Gemini New Moon will continue to take root and grow all summer. Gemini is the messenger, and this message will continue to be forwarded to us all summer.

Besides the Retrogrades, there’s a FULL MOON on June 27 (right after Solstice) @ 21 Cancer, conjunct Retrograde Pluto and opposing Retrograde Pluto and forming a GRAND SQUARE.

These aspects will continue to separate and form relationships all summer. As it unfolds, the enlightenment the planets provide will come in and out of focus, and – if we reach for it – hopefully lift us to greater consciousness.

Chart for Summer Solstice (in NYC):

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