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Uranus in Taurus is such a big deal, here’s another blog exploring it further. Read the 1st Uranus-in-Taurus post on this blog.




When Uranus made its entrance into Taurus (May 15), Mars entered Aquarius, forming an exact square to Uranus.

Venus and Pallas, just into Cancer, were also making aspects to Uranus and Mars (sextile Uranus and quincunx Mars).

While most will dismiss this (everything?) as meaningless coincidence, this is also dismissing some interesting connections and growth opportunities. Sometimes, a heads up can help.

Mars is in Uranus-ruled Aquarius (square Uranus).
Uranus is in Venus-ruled Taurus.

And to strengthen these strong relationships…
Venus is in Cancer – sextile Uranus.
Venus and Mars are quincunx, a relationship that requires adjustments to get along. Or just be on different pages.

When Uranus transits a sign, it revolutionizes everything connected with that sign. Since Uranus symbolizes change, it makes everything about that sign uncertain. And depending how you deal with uncertainty (and what becomes uncertain), it may feel destabilizing, exciting or both while Uranus is in Taurus – or making an aspect to another planet. Like now.

Uranus, moving through the sign of in Venus-ruled Taurus, earthy feminine, is changing the status of women (Taurus) in society (Uranus) – as Venus-in-Cancer sextiles Uranus (Pallas is conjunct Venus and also sextile Uranus). The earth, feminine is strong, and changing. At the same time, Mars enters Aquarius – and squares Uranus – setting the tone of sexual tension for the entire transit of Uranus through Taurus. Note also: Mars is in Aquarius, the ‘ruler’ or, more PC, dispositor of Uranus, while Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the sign Uranus is transiting in. This strengthens the connection between Venus, Mars and Uranus.

Aggressive fights (Mars) are possible, from both sides (Mars is in the ruler, to achieve equality (Uranus).

While the masculine vies for position, the feminine turns it all upside down, flipping social norms. While one side makes an allegation, the other fights back harder.

Material meets the Revolution
The urge for material things can also go through major changes as techy Uranus moves through the sign of having. In Taurus, wherever you have dug in, Uranus wants to set you free. Sharing meets owning. The cloud meets the stuff. Socializing meets sheltering.

Uranus is uncomfortable with the attachments to possessions, which is something Taurus enjoys. The more attached you are to your stuff, the more you may experience technical difficulties, breakdowns of things you rely on, and enjoy. Uranus really wants us to change our relationship to the material realm.
Ironically, if you can be less attached to the stuff that surrounds you and let go of what you no longer use, you may find yourself with room for a tech upgrade, a new computer, new ways to use computers. AI is just starting.

And while Uranus shows sudden financial changes, this is doesn’t mean financial wipeout or loss. It can also be a sudden upgrade in finances, an unexpected windfall, money from a source never before imagined. Uranus isn’t about careful planning, it’s about hunches and surprises. Uranus doesn’t care if you have THE BEST stuff; it doesn’t want you to be dependent on your stuff. But Uranus does want to open your mind to new ways of having, and enjoying life. You may even discover that change will do you good 🙂 And you may find a new way to love.

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