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Tracking important transiting aspects for the week of April 15 – 21, 2013

Monday, April 15 :

Venus enters Taurus @ 3:24 AM EDT
Moon enters Cancer @ 10:50 PM EDT

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Monday, April 15 :
Venus enters Taurus @ 3:24 AM EDT
Moon enters Cancer @ 10:50 PM EDT

I’m looking at the chart for the Boston terrorist attack on Monday, April 15. First, duh- it was a surprise. Whoever did it is part of a group and does not want to be known yet, there are mirrors and haze. It was scrupulously planned. The group may become known over the next 2 days. This is foreign. Lone wolf is less likely than would-be star. A strong supporter of guns is also possible (Sun-Mars in Aries in the 9th house of ideals). Whether international or national, the person/people responsible did it for HIS ideals.

Pro Guns. Against Guns. Either way or both – This is Sun-Mars in Aries.

The bombing chart (the Political Astrology group was using 3:10 PM in Boston, MA; however, the exact time was exactly 4:09:55 from the starting time, which was 12:40 PM EDT, making the time of the first bomb 2:49:55 PM EDT, putting Neptune one degree from the 7th house cusp, the DES). And Neptune has provided a stream of photos. My initial reading was using 2:55 PM EDT.

So it turns out this was correct. They were from Chechnya, Russia. And they were Islamic.

Another thing to note is Ceres. Ceres was the deciding planet. When Ceres made an exact trine to Neptune (at dawn: 4 Pisces 44, Ceres at 4 Cancer 44), the suspects were identified (from photos, Neptune) and pursued. This tells us more about the role of Ceres, recently upgraded from asteroid to dwarf planet.

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Tuesday, April 16 :
Mercury squares Ceres
Sun sextiles Vesta

Wednesday, April 17 :
Sun conjuncts Mars

Thursday, April 18 :
Pallas opposes Saturn
First Quarter Moon in Cancer @ 8:31 AM EDT
Moon enters Leo @ 11:14 AM EDT
Venus sextiles Ceres
Venus sextiles Neptune

Friday, April 19 :
Ceres trines Neptune
Mercury inconjuncts Saturn
Sun enters Taurus @ 6:03 PM EDT

This has been an explosive week. Sun-Mars in Mars’ ruling sign, Aries, creates heat, and that amp up energy. While the Sun and Mars are moving on to earth (more stable) Taurus, Aries is still very active – at least until Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Aries on Saturday.

Lunar Eclipse is next Thursday, in Scorpio.

Saturday, April 20 :

Sun semisquares Jupiter
Mercury conjuncts Uranus
Mars enters Taurus @ 7:48 AM EDT
Moon enters Virgo @ 9:09 PM E


As the Sun and Mars enter Taurus, anger that has not been cleared can become entrenched.

Sunday, April 21 :
Mars semisquares Jupiter
Mercury sextiles Juno
Mercury squares Pluto Rx

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