Lunar Eclipse of April 25: a new vibration


Lunar Eclipse
April 25 2013
Moon @ 5 Scorpio 45
Sun @ 5 Taurus 45
True South Node @ 16 Taurus 50
True North Node @ 16 Scorpio 50

It’s not just another FULL MOON – it’s the LUNAR ECLIPSE – when the reflection of the EARTH itself hides the FULL MOON. Earth is sandwiched between the SUN and MOON. But since it’s not exact, the Eclipse won’t be FULL. Yet, the subconscious energy release of this ECLIPSE can do something very real – it can change your vibrational frequency.




Sun in Taurus opposes Moon in Scorpio.

Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Saturn – trine Neptune in – and trine Ceres in Cancer.
Moon opposes the Sun-Mars conjunction in Taurus.
Sun-Mars is sextile Neptune and Ceres
Saturn trines Neptune and Ceres

If you include Ceres – this GRAND TRINE creates a KITE pattern – a Grand Trine with an opposition. The opposing planet (planets in this chart) – SUN and MARS – sextile 2 of the planets in the Grand Trine – NEPTUNE and CERES. MOON-SATURN trines NEPTUNE and CERES – and opposes SUN-MARS. This KITE pattern means supreme success. However, Ceres is part of the Grand Trine (and Ceres sextiles Sun-Mars), so on the Lunar Eclipse that’s just 3 days after EARTH DAY – you have to accept Ceres – the EARTH MOTHER asteroid – as an equal to the other planets to read this as a Grand Trine with a KITE.

Misapplied anger can keep you going in circles. This Scorpio Lunar Eclipse reminds us that we create our ‘fate’ with the vibration of our every thought. And we ramp it up with our actions. The hate we send is the hate we eat. We can let inspiration unfold, or we can try to control the free will of others. To do that, we may need to move beyond what is ‘comfortable,’ or what we’re used to. We may not want to.

If we have been so obsessively focused that we have developed tunnel-vision, projecting our anger and judgment and seeing only more reasons to be angry – the astrological pattern of this Lunar Eclipse can be a portal that opens us to a more expansive, inclusive, compassionate acceptance of life. If you’re focused on a false myth or projecting your negative beliefs onto others, that’s all you’ll see – and attract. If you (are willing to) accept and move beyond fear – and accept the divine within all – you may open yourself to a more expansive vision. What if you COULD reach out – just the slightest bit – and touch a spiritual helping-hand. If you tune in to the frequency, there is a healing you can receive.

On this Lunar Eclipse you can experience the opening (as opposed to closing down) that will help you to WAKE UP and LIVE your DREAMS.

Chart for the Lunar Eclipse (NYC):
Astro Legend

Note: This Eclipse chart is similar to the FULL MOON of October 29, 2012, where the Sun @ 6 Scorpio was opposing the Taurus Sun in the April 25 Lunar Eclipse chart. There was a KITE to the MOON at 6Taurus (opposite of the Lunar Eclipse chart’s Moon @ 6 Scorpio). Note that the perfection promised in the Oct 29 2012 chart (KITE) resulted in the perfect storm that was Hurricane Sandy. Not everything that comes to ‘perfection’ is what we want. The area of 5-11 Scorpio is highlighted in several upcoming major charts this year and therefore considered ‘sensitive.’
Full Moon of October 29, 2012

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