Astro Trendy Transit Tracker: March 11 – 17, 2013

Tracking important transiting aspects for the week of March 11 – 17, 2013
by Lauren Edmond

Friday, March 15 :
Crescent Moon in Taurus @ 9:51 AM EDT

Comet Pan-STARRS is now visible in the Northern Hemisphere, says NASA

The AURORA actually turned norther skies GREEN overnight – on St Patrick’s Day –
Click to see SpaceWeather Green Sky Photos

More TODAY and the rest of this week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS…

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Monday, March 11 :
Mars sextiles Juno
New Moon in Pisces @ 3:51:01 PM EDT

New Moon are the times we make a wish for the month ahead. On this PISCES NEW MOON we are asked to step a level deeper – this is the Moon for deep meditation and prayer.

Mars is quite active, making waves at the Conclave, maybe your life too? As Mars enters Aries tomorrow, it moves quickly towards Uranus as they conjunct at Spring Equinox. What a SPRING. Volatile in fast motion as groups collide – without hesitating to tell each other off.

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Tuesday, March 12 :
Mars enters Aries @ 2:26 AM EDT

This is not just any Mars ingress into Aries – this is a time of NEW BEGINNINGS – with EXTRA VOLATILE MARS energy – RIPE for a breakdown or a breakthrough – as Mars conjuncts Uranus.

If all you see is RED HOT ANGER – you may start to explode at all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons – with bad timing. What else can you do besides feel anger? This Mars wants ACTION NOW.

If you’re open to your intuition – something creative and fun can jump out of the blue. And you can be ready for ACTION at just the right time.

Wednesday, March 13 :
Juno enters Aquarius

You don’t have to push hard to get your point across – and met with enthusiasm. The magic of effective marketing – it’s like you didn’t do a thing, except somehow you did.

Thursday, March 14 :
Sun squares Ceres
This is a very HIGH ENERGY day. You can get tons done. You can also feel rushed or hurried. If you’re doing your thing, you may find yourself with abundant energy to pursue your project. But – if someone gets in your way, that can feel like interference.

If you are doing someone else’s thing, and you take on more than you can handle, you can find yourself overwhelmed by today’s activities. If you’re going too fast to pay attention to yourself, you can get into jams.

If things and people start to ‘get in your way,’ consider this. Are you doing more than your share to take care of everyone’s every need because you don’t know how to say NO? That might be what’s really in the way. Or maybe it is your way?

Sadly, my post about a moment of SILENCE was considered negative. Thankfully, the Pope, as a spiritual leader, is asking a moment of silence today. Right on time.

Friday, March 15 :
Crescent Moon in Taurus @ 9:51 AM EDT

Beautiful. But what do you have to show for it? Or, you can rephrase that as – how can you use your resources to create peace and harmony, and wealth.

Saturday, March 16 :
Sun sesquisquares Saturn

This is one of those aspects – someone MAY let you know there is nothing you can ever do that is good enough – for them or anyone else – in any way. Are they really talking about YOU? We all have limits and flaws – take responsibility – your sense of who you are and what you do needs to come from YOU. ReFOCUS on YOUR work, one task at a time.

Take care of your teeth and don’t overindulge on food today. Could be a good day to fast.

Sunday, March 17 :
Moon enters Gemini @ 2:09 AM EDT
Mercury stations Direct @ 4:02 PM EDT

Good news! Mercury stations Direct today. Connections click. This means you can start moving forward on certain things that have been held back, in question, or just not coming together for the past several weeks.

To find out how this might effect you – Look at the 2 Mercury houses in your chart for where you can start to make DIRECT progress now. If there is something you said that you DID NOT MEAN over the past few weeks, this is a time you can reverse your ‘bads.’ Mistakes can be corrected, doubts can be cleared up.

It could be a beautiful day for love. Old vows can be renewed, new love can be romantic – either way your feelings can intensify today.

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