New Moon in Pisces – too big? too high?

New Moon in Pisces
21 Pisces 24
March 11, 2013 @ 3:51 PM EDT

It’s the New Moon in Pisces. We can find the courage to think BIG – or we can encourage our fears and block growth. Or is there just too much information and emotion to process? Or are we just above it all, too high to care…



Pisces New Moon – too big? too high? – by Lauren Edmond

Let’s face it, PISCES is easily misunderstood and overlooked. When we hear Pisces, we run. Pisces is ~ Creepy. Borderless, Pisces seeps in… like “the Fog.” We drift. Pisces enters ~ subliminally. Nothing seems clear. We feel uncertain. We pull away. But Pisces has already insinuated itself. Is Pisces trying to tell us something we rather not hear?

Pisces works in hidden ways. It is obscure, cloistered, and yes, sequestered.

Pisces makes an impression, on our collective subconscious.

Meanings are unclear – oracles speak in riddles.

Are the riddles silly, insignificant, head-up-your bellybutton foolishness – is someone high – or is there a seriously significant mystery unraveling.

We can walk away. Yet, Pisces may come in dreams, or a feeling that comes over you when you watch a movie, listen to music, dance. It’s not motivation – maybe it’s a spell, or maybe it’s inspiration.



Pisces has 2 rulers – Neptune is the new ruler and Jupiter is the old ruler. Using Neptune will give your predictions a universal social meaning, while using Jupiter (a visible planet) will give it more personal context.

Jupiter is the expansion principle – Jupiter wants to grow, expand, see the BIG perspective

The old Ruler of Pisces is Jupiter.
Jupiter is in Mercury-ruled Gemini.
Mercury is in Jupiter-ruled Pisces.
Mercury is still Retrograde – close to stationing Direct (March 17) which means Mercury isn’t moving much till Equinox.

Mercury and Jupiter are in ‘mutual reception’ – they are such old friends, and so compatible, they can take each others place at the table. Yet, they are square in this chart – so there is tension between good friends and business partners. There is also a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding that is so deep it is covered by layers of beliefs and illusions. Too big to …?

At the NEW MOON – Jupiter-in-Gemini is exactly square Mercury-in-Pisces – creating a very STRONGLY LINKED SQUARE – with a STRONG INFLUENCE on the New Moon. We are testing faith and philosophy. We all want to do our best – we are inspired to do our best – mainly for own own growth. Yet – how do we balance that our needs with the needs other people – living in a society that is truly interconnected. When we do our best – everyone benefits. And when everyone benefits – we get to live our best.

Jupiter is also conjunct Aldebaran – which Vivian Robson (English astrologer, in “The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology,” 1923 by Astrology Classics) says gives “ecclesiastic honour” – auspicious as the Papal Conclave begins. This is because Aldebaran portends large moral questions – and shows there is a philosophical divide. Perhaps Jupiter with Aldebaran shows there is hope for the future, at this Pisces New Moon.

This New Moon is where the message can be hidden in a veil of illusion. Myths and images can be conjured and evoked to stir up feelings and memories. You will have to listen carefully to hear the different innuendos between editorial and facts.

If we believe that what is obscure has no value, then we may not be paying much attention to the Pisces New Moon – which is like a double dose of subliminal vapor. Is it the essence of mystical – or is it vapid, ‘nothing.’


Pisces senses vibrations. Quantum physics tells us everything is vibration and wave. Pisces already senses the psychic reality.

Since our vibrations are always being answered by source energy, what vibrations are we sending? Here’s the catch o’ the day. Our vibrations are not something we control with willpower. Meditating on at the PISCES New Moon can be deeply healing and – as Mercury stations direct next week – regenerative.

The Jupiter-Mercury square speaks of “too big” to change. What is the real cost of services (Mercury and Jupiter in mutable signs) – how much extra padding is added on – who benefits – who sacrifices (another Pisces theme) – and who BENEFITS from our sacrifices?

We seem to be at a point – JUPITER SQUARES MERCURY – that we do not feel like we have enough – we’re close, but we may not feel ready to share. We want to be generous, we realize that raises our vibrations – but we may feel like we’re barely catching up. So we send a message of lack.

But – Jupiter is square Mercury. So there is conflict. At the same time we are feeling lack of resources and opportunities, we can be feeling overwhelmed by the increase in communications and information. Mercury in Pisces mixes information with emotions, resulting in a potential FLOOD of emotions and information that can make you more susceptible to fluctuating moods and illnesses. New Moon Ruler Mercury is also in Pisces – stationing Direct on Sunday, Mar 17 – which means Mercury is in a confused state-of-mind that can make you dizzy as you sway with quickly changing feelings and opinions. As Mercury stations Direct in Pisces – the messages you send through feelings, suggestions and images can echo through the Spring, as vibrations manifest into experiences.

IF we really don’t want to learn, if we think “critical thinking” is too disruptive, if we want to go with our emotions – and our emotions are ANGRY – where does that lead us? If we chose ANGER, we are about to get a giant download.

At the Pisces New Moon there are important conversations that can help. Will we avoid them, or evade saying crucial things that need to be said? Will we use pretense, cast doubt, use suggestions – or – will we say what comes from inside. Without filtering.

Talking LOUDER won’t make you more correct – but it can make you insensitive to sensitive details.

Besides the conjunction of the Sun and Moon (New Moon) – the SUN and the MOON in the New Moon chart make no aspects – making them “peregrine.” In Pisces, that makesl the Sun more diffuse and foggy than energetic and direct. This can lower your immune system over the next week. Health and emotions can be delicate. In Pisces Not only germs and viruses, but ANY NEGATIVE VIBRATION or EMOTION can cause a disturbance in your vibrations and throw off your balance.

ARIES INGRESS chart – and the week leading to the next FULL MOON on March 27 – is a HIGH ENERGY boiling point – many will be feeling on high-trigger alert. We need to think fast. Those who are on the cutting edge – can be an opportunity for one of the most exciting breakthroughs of your life. Your conscious participation is also extra POWERFUL – INSIGHTFUL – and potentially VIRAL. We can go viral – or get viral.

Astrology Chart for the New Moon (in NYC):

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