Pope Francis I

A new Pope was selected in Rome @ 7:06 PM in Rome, Italy
March 22 2013 Update: correct ‘A’ rating chart now available

Jorge Mario Bergoglio
December 17, 1936
5:10 PM AST
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jorge Bergoglio was fated to be a leader. His SUN is conjunct the North Node (meaning he was born a few days after a SOLAR ECLIPSE) and in the solar noon chart – the chart that shows your full potential – The SUn and North Node are conjunct the Midheaven. His leadership comes as naturally as the sun shines.

He has genuine care and concern for PEOPLE, as his Moon is conjunct Venus in Aquarius. Humanitarian outreach is his contribution. His Mercury, although serious in Capricorn, is out-of-bounds by declination, and that combined with his Moon-Venus conjunction in Aquarius could tend to make him an avid communicator with a strong message of LOVE. Again, he is serious and reserved. Saturn sits on his Ascendant, praying in Pisces. It is also opposing Neptune in Virgo, so his prayers and the CHurch’s prayers and the Church’s prayers are his prayers.

His Saturn in Pisces on the solar Ascendant shows a presence that seriously inspires and teaches everyone to take responsibility for their spiritual balance. He does this by starting with himself. He is a living example. This is the man who takes the bus home after becoming elected Pope. He teaches us humility without humiliation, themes of Pisces.

Saturn in Pisces – opposing ruler Neptune in Virgo – shows a man capable of healing the spiritual infrastructure of the Church.

Maybe more later…

Here’s the natal chart:

This biwheel chart shows Jorge Bergoglio’s chart INSIDE – the OUTSIDE chart is 7:06 PM in Rome – the moment the white smoke was seen:

Things to note first in this biwheel transit chart,
Venus is conjunct the Ascendant, also Saturn, and opposing Neptune and trine the North Node. This is a choice of LOVE. And this is how it will be seen, because this is what he will extend as Pope Francis I.

His out-of-bounds Mercury is receiving a long-term Pluto conjunction, with Saturn exactly trine (and Saturn will trine his Saturn over the next year) so although he is older (Saturn), he is also a deeply caring and responsible teacher and a powerful leader.

He is conservative. But it is highly unlikely that he would condone prejudice as a political imperative.

Update. March 20, 2013
Now that views to this post have slowed to a trickle, there are a few more things i’d like to share.

The Pope’s Moon is conjunct Venus in AQUARIUS. It is coming out in the news that he is “pragmatic” when it comes to same-sex marriage. Since Venus is the love sign and Aquarius is unconventional, most astrologers see Uranus as a potential marker of homosexuality. Not that the Pope himself has a sexual orientation – just that he may not be all that personally opposed to same sex love. Uranus – ruler of Aquarius – is square his Moon-Venus conjunction in Aquarius – showing his conflict and the resistance to sanctifying same sex unions in the Church. This aspect can also show general political conflict. not everyone is on the same page. This is not in any way to deny his love of all people and genuine humbling devotion to the poor.

New Information
Italian Astrologer Grazia Bordoni has provided a birth time for Pope Francis that now has an A rating (it’s clean data)
Time of birth is 5:10 PM AST in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Confirming that the time is STANDARD and not DAYLIGHT.
Standard time puts Saturn on his MC, which makes sense. In the SOLAR chart Saturn is on the ASCENDANT – another angle – and the MC works even better.

Birth data for Pope Francis

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