Juicy SUPER Full Moon on August 10


SUPER Full Moon
August 10, 2014
@ 2:09 PM EDT
@ 18 Aquarius/Leo 02

Moon @ 18 Aquarius 02
Sun @ 18 Leo 02

This is it! A SUPER Full Moon – and – the BIGGEST Super Full Moon of the year.

(SUPER Full Moons are when the Moon is closest in orbit to the Earth)

This is a chance to get JUICED up ~ connect with the current ~ and get in your flow of giving and receiving.

Are you ready for this?!

This SUPER Full Moon – when the Moon is closest to the Earth – is one of 3 SUPER Full Moons in a row – and is the closes and BIGGEST Full Moon of them all. It is also the JUICIEST. The FULL opportunity to get in the current, in your flow.

There’s nothing stopping you.

Exciting! Or, uh-oh?!!

Let’s expose and get release some fear.

(Astrological events: Full Moon, Sun-in-Leo exactly opposes Moon-in-Aquarius. Ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and Uranus is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun, making it easy to connect to groups new ideas, hi-tech electrical energy, the current in all its forms. The old ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is square the Sun and Moon, meaning not everyone thinks the latest ideas are upgrades, and many will feel stressed and disapproving. Saturn is also at the very end of receiving a quincunx – 150 degrees of separation – from Uranus, showing the need to make adjustments for traditions and needing to slow the wild energy down to build lasting structures.)

While you can get in the flow quickly and effortlessly now, you can also get stressed and anxious more easily. So how do we avoid getting stressed out with so much electrical energy flying around?

Somehow, through some set of events or interactions, the Sun in Leo is going to remind all of us to love ourselves. More. Loving yourself is the key to loving anyone. It comes first. Acts of self-love can be anything that helps you heal, earn enough to keep body&soul together, and forgiving yourself. You’re doing the best you can at all times. It’s never perfect, or perfect ‘enough.’ And you are always growing. You are not the person you were before this moment.

Not everyone wants to “go with the flow.” For those of us who need to control so we feel safe, going with the flow can be terrifying. Or something we resist. Fear causes the need to control. Yet, the flow goes on. Especially at this Full Moon.

If you are in resistance to your flow, it is more likely that your reality will send you more stress and anxiety – not to test or scare you – but to get you back in your power. back in your higher vibration, and back in your flow.

So this is an opportunity to be aware (Uranus) or the flow (Aquarius) and lean into it (trines and sextiles to the Sun and Moon – despite resistance (squares to Saturn). As an individual (Leo) and as a group (Aquarius).

If you don’t give your power away to the stress, you can stay in your vibration. And with the momentum that produces, you can get into and stay in your flow – your current. Once you give your power away, your vibration lowers and you lose your flow. This Full Moon can help you get and stay in your flow. Be compassionate to those causing stress, trying to control, and you can keep you power.

This is not an indictment on your ability to handle stress or be in your flow. But if you are feeling stress now, it’s because you have mastered your flow at the level you’ve been at and are evolving to a higher level. So your reality is kind enough to show you how to master your flow on this new, higher level of functioning.

And when you open to the next level of flow, new bolts of intuitions are likely.

You are brilliant. Dazzle them with your love <3 Here's the chart for the Full Moon (in NYC): fullmoon-8-10-14
Click for an astro legend

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3 thoughts on “Juicy SUPER Full Moon on August 10

  1. Lauren your unique perspective shared on this site continues to broaden my horizon. I find it interesting reading various astrological clips of how current transits are to be feared, an sure to trip us up intentionally. Yet when I read artcharts and check in on the blog I am invigorated with the warrior perspective. Embrace it, feel it, share it, and love it. Thank you!

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