Sun enters Aquarius: big group hug

sun enters aquarius
january 19, 2013

sun enters aquarius
january 19, 2013

Sun enters Aquarius on January 19, 2013 @ 4:32 PM EST
Mercury enters Aquarius on January 19 2013 @ 2:26 AM EST

Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Uranus-ruled Aquarius – and sextile Uranus-in-Aries

Jupiter-in-Gemini is trine Sun&Mercury

BIG GROUP HUG – or are we contagious…?!

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On Inauguration morning, the Moon will enter Gemini where it will conjunct Jupiter, trine the Sun, and sextile Jupiter. At sunset, the Moon and Jupiter will be conjunct in the sky,
“Get ready for closest Moon-Jupiter conjunction until 2026” photos&article @ EarthSky
We’re all connecting….

Mercury conjunct the Sun shows us the condition of the Sun for the next month. With the Sun conjunct airy Mercury-in-Aquarius, we can expect windy conditions. Also, a lot of hot air circulating – not only from weather systems, but from media, people, politics, politicians, increased by the trine to Jupiter. Quick twists fast enough to give you whiplash. Cooling down is not a realistic option. Mars is in Aquarius, heating the ice.

Uranus – the ruling planet of the Aquarius Sun – is sextile the Sun, creating the strong potential for very friendly relationship. And that’s not all that makes everyone inter-connnected. Uranus is in the hot sign of Mars-ruled Aries. While Mars is in Uranus-ruled Aquarius – this creates a Mutual Reception. These 2 planets can literally swap out as they make themselves at home in each other’s sign.

The party gets bigger. Planet Jupiter – the expander – is sextile Uranus and trine the Sun and Mercury. More makes you more popular. Stories go viral. Bigger, faster, better. This is going to broadcast world wide, no surprise since it is a Presidential Inauguration, but this is the event chart shows for major world-changing events.

Large-scale spontaneous events, decisions, announcements can happen with dazzling speed. Media is viral. Change is instant.

The chart looks perfect for group networking – yet for some, a civil war is brewing. People are connecting with others of like-mind – online and in-person. But what about those NOT of like-mind. Uranus is also known for disruption, withdrawal, alienation. They take their ideals and detach – because they need space for thought to transform into intuition.

This energy is extra EXCITABLE and IMPULSIVE.

With no gap between THOUGHT and ACTION – anything can happen. Consequences may not ‘on the radar.’ This is too exciting!

Are we ripe for new ideas? Or for a new group mind-virus.

There so much exciting energy, it feels like it can erupt. Aquarius is a FIXED sign. And it is an AIR sign. It can take a great idea and HOLD onto it. Until…. !

Perhaps information overload is changing our thought patterns. As we multitask and shuffle events and people to fit everything in, what happens to all those links and tweets. What about the big picture? Besides collecting interesting fragments, do all the bits and pieces have any context? Is there a bigger story?

We’re sharing, but does it mean anything beyond sharing information and good vibes, and is that the point? Jupiter is part of this picture – trine Mercury and the Sun – and Jupiter is the BIG picture. The Story. Perhaps our personal synthesis of all the little stories IS the big picture.

Quick jumps to conclusions may be based on personal feelings so real we believe our opinions are facts. If you hear a bit of a story, out of context, and it ‘sounds good’ to you because you agree with its underlying premise, then you may repeat it and share it. Even if it has no merit and is actually doing harm to everyone who hears it and passes it on. Circulating more dis-jointed half-facts taken out-of-context can give you a very wrong idea. And at this Sun ingress into Aquarius – action can be swift – and it may or may not be the right action.

In his NYTimes column (Jan 13, 2013) Thomas Friedman broke down the positive and negative uses of the verb “collaborate” which can be used to mean working together to create something larger – or – colluding with the enemy to sabotage. We can see the potential of this transiting aspect pattern at a potential for positive growth or as a growing fear of conspiracy. Since the aspects are all positive and easy-going, many will take it as an opportunity to work together. Others will see it as having the potential to bring dangerous elements together.

This post may update… meanwhile –
Have a most excellent Sun in Aquarius;-)
Here’s the chart for the Sun as it enters Aquarius (in NYC)

sun enters aquarius
january 19, 2013

sun enters aquarius
january 19, 2013

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