The POTUS Oath Chart: January 2013

As the Sun enters Aquarius, the US has a Presidential Inauguration. It happens every 4 years, and Inauguration Day is always at the beginning of Aquarius. You can read all about the Sun’s grand entrance into Aquarius, 2013

Our ideals become crystal clear and we can express them, simply, in words.

Here are a few thoughts and the chart to contemplate….

There is a stricture in horary astrology not to read a chart with Saturn on the 7th house cusp (Descendant, opposing the Ascendant). This is the house of relationships. It is called the house of open enemies. We see Saturn just 4 degrees from the 7th house, in the 6th. Saturn is in Scorpio. Saturn is the only planet in the entire area of the chart. Most of the planets are elevated, near the top of the chart (which is always true of the Sun at noon, so Mercury and Venus will have to be nearby, and they are). 10th house is the house of government. 11th house represents Congress, and we see Mars in Aquarius on the cusp. There is cool, calculated hostility coming from congress. Mars is also square the Nodes, so this hostility is not in anyone’s best interest.

The Oath, Washington, DC, to the exact minute and second.
As time permits, a discussion will follow….

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