Summer Solstice 2017: bright light of awareness


Hello sunshine!




It’s officially SUMMER!
Summer Solstice
June 21, 2017
@ 12:24 AM EDT

Sun @ 0 Cancer 00, 23 N 26

The Sun reaches its most Northern point of the year, its most Northern declination (23N26) marking Summer Solstice. By latitude, the Sun enters Cancer.

As the Sun enters Cancer, our emotional attachments come into full focus. We can be feeling more sensitive and protective about sharing our feelings. Old baggage can pull us back to the past, strengthening ego attachments. We may see where we are attached to whatever is most familiar and feels most secure – past, family, habits, culture. Yet, this is the SUN in Cancer, shining its spiritual light and, in Cancer, our awareness can take us beyond what is most familiar, prompting us to awaken to our compassionate nature and move beyond old attachments.

Mercury is in the last degree of Gemini, quickly approaching the Sun, and will enter Cancer a few hours after Solstice (5:58 AM EDT). And then Mercury will conjunct the Sun (superior conjunction). Mercury in Gemini has placed a strong focus on left brain – analytical, logical – which will now shift to right brain – intuition, inspiration.

As Summer begins, Mercury is ending its transit through Gemini, which just included a sextile to Uranus, an opposition to Saturn, and a quincunx to Saturn. After a whirlwind of shocking and surprising (seemingly) non-stop information, things may calm down for awhile. As Mercury enters Cancer and conjuncts the Sun, there can be information confusion as the flow of information slows down or even dries up for awhile. Before more information can flood through, we may need some time to process and figure out what to do with the newly download of information. This is TEMPORARY – the Sun-Mercury influence is only strong for a day or 2. Yet, since this aspect coincides with Solstice, it can continue to reverberate. Mercury in Cancer can make us more receptive, giving information an emotional charge. And those emotions can make us more resistant to thinking outside of our immediate circumstances. Yet, Cancer can arouse sympathy which can help to open our minds.

Chiron, the bridge planet since it orbits between Saturn – the last visible planet – and Uranus – the first OUTER planet (outside the visibility from the Earth – without a telescope). Just before Solstice, Chiron was square the Sun and Mercury. At Solstice Chiron-Sun-Mercury line up in the 90 degree dial (quick way to see squares). The squares from Sun-Mercury to Chiron can take some of the shine out of your self-confidence. It may seem that no one is interested in what you have to say or who you are and it’s better not to even try to reach out. Yet, connecting is key – with others and your Self – and can help to heal self-doubts and personal wounds.

There’s a Grand Trine – Saturn – Uranus – North Node. There is a grand potential for awakening to higher consciousness this summer. This can be an inspiring time, bursting with light, filled with enthusiasm for vigorous impulsive actions, opening the potential for spontaneous progress. This is because the Grand Trine includes Uranus, the awakener, and the North Node, the pointer to the future. This can give you a fearless feeling of being able to do anything. And bring you recognition for doing it.

Since the Grand Trine is in the FIRE element, the ego can intrude unconsciously, putting the emphasis back on the personal self, being more independent than interested in how that can effect other people. Applause feels good. Self-involvement can turn some people off. And while that can make you defensive and separate, keeping yourself challenged can help you blend a focus on yourself with interest in others. Just remind yourself to get enough rest so you don’t burn out.

There’s also an exact Earth Trine – the Moon @ 18Taurus squares Pluto @ 18, intensifying emotions. Pluto in Capricorn can use manipulation to block access to information, creating just enough confusion, mistrust, and negativity to throw people off the trail. Don’t give up!

And so summer begins… More to come soon. Friday’s (6/23) New Moon is a SUPER New Moon, and the TOTAL Eclipse is coming (August 21)….

Happy Summer!

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