New Moon: shout out

New Moon in Taurus
April 26, 2017
@ 8:16 AM EDT

Moon @ 6 Taurus 27
Sun @ 6 Taurus 27

It’s the New Moon in Taurus. It’s SPRING! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, everything is in bloom. Taurus is beautiful.

Not only are we planting flowers, we’re planting seeds for everything that gives us security and keeps us grounded. Besides beautiful things, which Taurus wants us to have, we’ll need the money to get what we desire. And Taurus wants us to have whatever we desire to add to our comfort and security. It’s a good time to make a list of everything you’d like in your life, no matter how big or small, how realistic or ‘impossible.’ Because in Taurus, you just may expand enough to have things you never thought were possible. What if they are?! There’s no time like Taurus to go for it.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus. And Venus just stationed “direct” and will leave Pisces and re-enter Aries Friday morning. That gives us all even MORE energy – and WILLingness – to pursue our desires. Venus in Aries doesn’t make us ‘nice,’ yet Venus just spent the last month Retrograde in Pisces, so hopefully Venus in Aries will help us activate what we just learned about the importance and empowerment of empathy. We have reconsidered our desires. We know what we want and we are committed to having it. The energy is there. And the confidence to go for it. We are ready to face the future.

The Sun & Moon – conjunct and invisible in the sky – are between Venus and Mars. Talk just sounds good.

Mars just entered Gemini – no matter how much we talk, we can’t seem to say enough.

And we need to talk about Mercury because Mercury loves to talk, louder and even more and even louder now that Mercury is stationing Direct (May 3). This means Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries is in “mutual reception” with Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini. When planets are in mutual reception, they get along so seamlessly they can take each other’s place, like identical twins. Don’t expect anyone to stop talking. And not just talking loud – saying things that are shocking, disruptive, interesting, and brilliant. This is because Mercury is conjunct Uranus as Mercury makes it DIRECT station – and that amplifies this wild conjunction. Bigly.

Uranus is still square the US Mercury (Sibley chart) and will continue to through the beginning of 2018. As i detailed in a previous post – Equinox & Aries New Moon 2017: Spring activation, this square has occurred every time the US government investigates a sitting president.

When Uranus opposed the US Mercury in the early 1950s, we had the McCarthy hearings. When the Watergate hearings began, Uranus was square the US Mercury. When Nixon resigned (Aug 9, 1974) the square became exact. In the mid 90s, as Uranus opposed the US Mercury, Kenneth Starr was appointed as the Special Prosecutor to investigate Bill Clinton, which resulted in impeachment charges. And it’s happening again, April 2017 -January 2018.

This has been slowed down by Mercury Retrograde. And the Mercury-Uranus conjunction – at the Mercury Direct station – shows there are more distractions and surprises to come.

And that brings up another important event starting soon – Mars is going “out of bounds” from the middle to the end of May.

The planet of military action will go OUT OF BOUNDS in mid May. That means by declination (the distance of any planet from the Earth’s Equator), Mars will go beyond the latitudinal limit the Sun attains at Solstice (23 N or S 26) from mid to late May. When planets to beyond this point of latitude, they are considered “out of bounds,” and wild cards. Mars will reaching 24 N 17 around June 1 and then slowly go back “in bounds” in early June. (North means building karma, whereas South means paying off karmic debt.) Mars goes out-of-bounds every year, so this is not necessarily a prediction of military build-up, but it does become more possible when Mars, out of bounds, becomes a wild card.

And since Mars is in the sign of Gemini – in mutual reception with Mercury in Aries stationing Direct – we can expect to hear more “saber rattling.” The good news – hopefully – Mercury will enter Taurus as Mars goes out of bounds. That can help to calm down the rhetoric and very literally ground and ease some tension. Mars in Gemini can be more talk than action. Also, Mars goes out of bounds every year, so this is nothing all that unusual.

Venus will be traveling in close sextile with Mars through mid June. There are values and ideals we all hold in common. We can find things we DO agree on. And that makes harmony possible. Love can keep us together.

Chart for the New Moon in Taurus (in NYC):
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Create a miracle in your life ~ Transformative astrology readings with Lauren

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