Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: rebranding

Mercury will station Retrograde in Pisces
February 23 – March

We love illusion, we are swept off our feet by fantasy, we devote ourselves to our inspirations, we sway with the beat. We all have Pisces somewhere in our charts. We all feel vibrations and are inspired in some way by art, music, poetry. Understanding is an option. This is the language of the soul.

It’s NOT the time to make decisions that will stick.




When we seek spiritual guidance, that used to mean we were on the path to opening our hearts so we could become more connected and caring. And that can only come from an authentic place within. (Often found by working with a teacher.) Approaching life from that light of guidance, we can still enjoy collecting fabulous things and experiences, but it’s not to prove our worth, but to show appreciation and honor for our experiences and relationships on Earth. If you’re looking for immediate, concrete, practical advice, you may not want to sift through the threads of inner feelings and beliefs to find authentic understanding. This kind of understanding usually does not arrive whole – without personal input – in 5 words or less. There is a process of discovery. It is probably a lot easier to be told what to do next. To plan every minute and squeeze as much as possible. But where are you in this?

Pisces wavers. Filled with doubt, seeing all sides, moving ahead in a straight line is not dealing with all who need our attention and assistance. To some, this is a weak character. For others, this is compassion.

Stronger boundaries give us the freedom to do our work – without looking aside or worrying if it’s good enough, and for who(m). What will they think and how will this work against me. Those thoughts are pernicious and during Mercury Rx in Pisces, you may be able to notice how frequently they come up. Instead of stewing on them – this is an opportunity to get a peak at the unconscious at work and turn some doubts around – from the inside out.

What is in there that’s so powerful scary anyway? While your ego thinks it’s drivel, your soul quakes with greater knowledge.

This is especially strong if you are a Pisces, have planets in Pisces, a Pisces or Neptunian influence to your Mercury or 3rd house. And you can feel it wherever you have Pisces in your chart. (it’s in there!)

This is not about pointing out blame. It’s about finding where, within ourselves, we need vibrational tuning. And what tune that we want to hear.

We are up against a torrent of delusion and make-believe-as-fact. And that’s fun until the dysfunction starts to become a problem. And then it gets re-branded and re-marketed.

We are constantly marketed to, it has become part of life. It continues because – as a group – we only respond to constant reminders. Otherwise we take no action. Unless we want to. Or think we need to.

It’s not really within any one’s power to balance dysfunctions that are systemic and cultural. Doing that is a path to martyrdom. This Mercury Retrograde can be a time to turn back. Mercury wavering in Pisces reminds us that each of us needs to draw our own lines between caring too much and too little.

Conflicts of interest can be revealed. And that can be disturbing at first. We are critical in the wrong places and at the wrong times to the wrong people and the result is a standstill. We’re not saying the right things to people who are listening. And people who are listening don’t feel they can take meaningful action.

Meanwhile, we are being bullied by hypercritical judges looking for another bite of info to twist into gossip. (Friends? News? ourselves?) It’s time to realize the extent to which your opinions and beliefs color your reality – and the reality of those around you. Negative judgment is the glue that can keep it together, but not in a way that allows movement, creativity, growth, prosperity. What would happen if you turned off your negative-opinion tapeloop and allowed your creative and spiritual boundaries to expand?

Venus is in the last degrees of Aquarius, and will enter Pisces on February 25 where she is exalted (2 days after the exact Mercury Rx station). Venus on the edge of Aquarius/Pisces – and preparing to conjunct Rx Mercury – suggests we look again at our collective values. How do we judge? Based on what values? We are listening – but is it only to decide how to judge everything we hear? We categorize so we can share more information – and in that moment we feel a delicious wave of belonging. But what have we agreed to? Perhaps it’s also time to rethink our value-based judgments into something more positive and uplifting. To do that we’ll need to look a little deeper inside. Instead of feeling victimized – take the power back by looking back at how you let it happen. And there’s the blessing of Mercury Retrograde in deep-water Pisces.

Sail with the currents ~~~
Listen for the music of the spheres ~ and enjoy the poetry ~

Chart for Mercury stationing Retrograde on February 23, 2013 (NYC):

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If the point of this blog seems vague, so do current events. The Full Moon 2 days after Mercury’s station put the Mercury Rx chart in hi-definition.

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