Full Moon May 14: Love or Not Love

Full Moon on May 14
@ 3:16 PM EDT
Moon @ 23 Scorpio 54
Sun @ 23 Taurus 54

The Full Moon is in Scorpio –
The Moon & Saturn are conjunct in Scorpio – this is an opportunity to slow down & GO DEEP.

This Full Moon – Venus opposes Mars (in each other’s ruling signs) just at a time when the world Heart chakra is split apart. What can we do to reconnect and heal this split. We have a choice – live small or venture out. How can we bring more love&magic to our everyday lives, to others, even to those who oppose us?

When the Sun and Moon oppose exactly, the full light of the Sun is reflected on the Moon, creating the Full Moon effect.

Full Moon are always polarities – the Sun & Moon oppose. We get to SEE the full effect of the projection of one sign on the other. This time, it’s Scorpio – Taurus – how much is too much? Who gets paid, who doesn’t? How does attachment create who holds the power?

At this Full Moon, there’s the polarity of the Sun&Moon – along with 2 other polarities:

Saturn is conjunct the Moon and opposing the Sun.
Venus is opposing Mars

– and this is VERY important – because – the Moon is in Mars-ruled Scorpio, while the Sun is in Venus-ruled Taurus. Venus and Mars are in “Mutual Reception” – both planets are in each other’s sign and open to receiving each other’s energy. This helps both planets work better together. And since Venus is conjunct Uranus, Mars is opposing Uranus. (Mars is Retrograde and will exactly oppose Uranus again on June 25. This also means Venus joins the Grand Cross for a few crucial days as she conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto.)

These oppositions give us choices – we can do what we’re “supposed’ to do and follow the Sun-Moon-Saturn opposition/conjunction. Or, we can move beyond the drama and blame. To do this, we all need to take personal responsibility for our spiritual growth. We need to make decisions, choices, that are not the cultural default – or our future will be the cultural default. If we can open ourselves to the void, we can experience clarity and find a new path. Uranus – symbol of out-of-the-blue new – is conjunct Venus & opposing Mars – new ideas seem to come from “thin air.” And what do you think that means? New ideas come from the void. If you are open to the emptiness, you can have an idea that comes from “thin air” and is potentially life-changing. If you are filling your life with supposed to’s and blame, you are blocking the emptiness, and also the flow of new ideas, new future potentials.

As the Sun & Moon opposing, their rulers – Venus & Mars – are also opposing. Many of us can heal the rift in our hearts, the separation in our lives, the mass rejection of one side against the other. Even if we think this doesn’t effect us personally, or we are light workers sending love to everyone, this opposition – happening on a cultural group level – can feel like a distance that limits our love, our flow. Many people are very angry at the ‘other side’ and can be scheming (Scorpio) to take action and so they can shut down (Saturn) what is opposing them (the light of the Sun).

Used positively, the energy of the Full Moon can help us stretch, expand our awareness of ourselves by reflecting us against the other side. Oppositions are like playing tug o’ war. Both sides have to hold on to create the tension. If one side drops the rope, the game is over. Just like the game, it takes your energy to hold the tensions between the 2 sides. If you change your energy, it stops the game. It’s the ego that holds on. You can let go and live from your love instead of your anger or fear. It’s the resistance that keeps you holding on. You can choose to let go!

Venus-Mars speaks not only of oppositions in love, passion, creativity, your very life energy – it’s also about money, which effects all of us.

This is about remembering that the energy on this planet effects us all. And we can use it with the intention of love, or we have the free will to use it against ourselves. We are one.

Happy Full Moon!

Chart for the Full Moon (in NYC):
Click for an astrology legend

I share this blog to love, touch & heal. If you’ve been touched to experience more love and happiness by reading these posts, your comments and contributions are appreciated. Let’s keep the positive energy flowing. Thank you!

ps. This is probably the last post for awhile. Other things are calling me, and it’s time for me to make changes and find new ways to use my gifts. Sending you all my love until the next time….

5 thoughts on “Full Moon May 14: Love or Not Love

  1. Hi Lauren,

    Many thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, especially through these wild times. While you’re away from posting for a while, I’ll miss your posts very much! I hope all of your endeavors bring you great happiness, abundance of all things good, and peace.

    • Hi TC – Thank you so much for being here. i will be on a spirit quest so i can expand ways to share my gifts – that also allow me to receive support and interaction. As always, i will be available for private readings.
      with Love and an open heart ~ Lauren

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