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Full Moon
February 25, 2013 @ 3:26 PM EST
in Virgo

Becoming the fulfillment you seek.

Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces
[Sun-Moon opposition:
Moon @ 7 Virgo 24
Sun @ 7 Pisces 24]

Important aspects:
Jupiter @ 7 Gemini 28
Venus enters Pisces Feb 25 @ 9:03 PM EST

Ruler of Virgo Full Moon is Mercury –
Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces – the station is 2 days before the Full Moon
As of the Full Moon, Mercury will be in the same degree – still hardly moving. Stationing planets move slowly – which is why they can be so confusing – and insistent – like a LOUD alarm clock.

Add to that Mercury is in Pisces – mental confusion, mixed messages, murky doubt – and Mercury is stationing – amplifying and broadcasting the confusion. Real news can be hard to find at Mercury’s Rx station. What you’ll hear are strings of keywords designed to create an illusion. This is about finding where someone is susceptible, and hitting that point over and over until it opens like a pinata.

Whether the secrets and treasures that flow out are good or bad is how you see it.

T-Square Full Moon
Jupiter is the old ruler of Pisces –
Jupiter is in Mercury-ruled Gemini –
And is exactly square the Full Moon

Intensifying the Mercury effect –
Moon – Jupiter – Sun are in a VERY tight T-SQUARE with very close affiliations between Jupiter, Sun, and Moon. This is big news. Even tho most of the information being circulated as fact is crafted, distorted, or even dishonest. With no sense of humor. We may not even be able to tell a joke from a fact.

T-square to Jupiter
Like twitter, we follow whoever sounds most interesting. We follow, but how often do we take action to take it from interesting to personally rewarding. Why not? Are we flaky?

We’re busy, but we’re still hoping for an instant download of enlightenment – without having to DO anything. We enjoy the perks more than the wisdom. We may NOT want to see the signs of struggle with a process – we want neat seams, quick and tailored. Yet, we’re miss a major point (Jupiter focal of a t-square) – the enlightenment we’re putting on like fashion doesn’t come from direct personal experience or inner struggle – it is superimposed. And that is never an exact match – so there is an eventual misfit – and then disillusionment at the misfit. And then we’re off to the new, better, highly recommended brilliant healer. Yet, again, we are not doing the work. We are not changing our vibrations. The benefit of not doing the work is an escape route – we are free to blame whoever doesn’t come through with a ‘fix.’ We endure one disappointment after another. We blame. We can even gather a group and blame with more force. Yet, results are more of the same. The worst part – we are bypassing our own source of wisdom – which contains our solutions.

Telling bigger lies more often with more force won’t make it true. Unless you want it to be. We accept – AS GOSPEL – what we want to hear – even if it is OPENLY acknowledged as 100% made up. And if that expert is wrong – blame him/her and move on to the next.

We can fire the guru – and move on – but there’s a hitch – Jupiter is in Mercury-ruled Gemini and Mercury is Retrograde. They will come back, or you will have a change of belief and go back.

If we are dishonest enough with ourselves, we will ignore those who are sincere while flocking to those who are successfully rebranding and reselling us what we already have.

Without a commitment to information or learning – we are free to take a little of this and a little of that – make your own mix – edit your own book. Jupiter in Gemini suggests we may be satisfied with a variety-pack of knowledge rather than anything in depth – a magazine article but not a book.

Yet, this is a significant moment because Jupiter is exactly square the Full Moon. It is possible to resolve the standstill (t-square). If you can hear, read, listen to the wisdom of a teacher, you just may expand and excel beyond all previous expectations And that can be fulfilling, personally and to the world.

We have a choice – be blessed or be needy.

This is a very introspective Full Moon – and also very practical – in Virgo. Virgo wants to keep things organized, but Virgo is a MUTABLE Earth and susceptible to nervous energy and anxiety – more so since . ruler is Mercury and Mercury is Retrograde and conjunct Mars. Not only can introspection throw FULL MOON light on nagging inner doubts – it can reveal inner anger – expressed in Piscean ways that can be influenced more by the subconscious than the conscious mind, or what we tag as “passive/aggressive” if you don’t want to think beyond labels. Is it gloves off and boots on? Really?


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