Sequester or Bluff?

I know, we have serious sequester fatigue.
Seems hard to believe. Yet we really do seem to be at an impasse.




There are genuine basic disagreements.
And they are under PRESSURE.
March 1. Sun/Saturn=Pluto
Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces. Mars is in Pisces – conjunct Mercury. We are hot headed about changing our minds. We really don’t see the need.
Neptune rules Pisces and Neptune is in Pisces – the last time Neptune transited Pisces was just before the Civil War. (Neptune’s orbit is 180 years)
Do we, the people, need to repeat the 1800s. OR earlier.
Or are we ready to move into the 21st Century?

Besides what the media says, what does the USA chart look like on March 1 – sequester time?

The same contention that prevents solutions in other parts of life is creating an inability to come to an agreement politically. If we truly believe compromise makes us weak, compromise becomes less likely. Especially when the only goal is political gain.

Astrologers disagree on the USA chart. I use the Gemini rising chart.
Whatever chart you use –
[March 1 @ 12:01 AM EST in Washington, DC:
Jupiter @ 7 Gemini 48 : USA Uranus @ 8 Gemini 21]

This is a futuristic transit. There is nothing backwards about Jupiter-Uranus. And both Jupiter and Uranus are Direct. This aspect is forward thinking and expansive. And the trine to Saturn-in-Libra in the 5th spells real, measurable expansion through social infrastructure – especially anything high speed – including internet and rails. Anything that helps people network, connect, and do business faster. This will all be profitable for business, while it helps people grow. Holding back while Jupiter is conjunct Uranus – and the Ascendant – is only going to make us more bloated and explosively frustrated.

Why is there so much division?

For the past several years, Pluto has opposed the US Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. Now Pluto will oppose the US Sun @ 12 Cancer 43 throughout 2014. The first time is Valentine’s Day 2014. The last is in December 2014. The is about power and control – who FORCES the other side do what they want. Compromise if off the table. This could get extreme. No, much more than it is now. This is barely a suggestion of what is brewing within many now.

So, will Congress let the sequester happen? On March 1, Mars squares the US Mars and opposes the US Neptune – that’s A LOT of hot, cutting energy directed against those who give and need service. It is misrepresented energy. The current Mars transit puts a focus on the USA natal Mars-Neptune square – bringing suppressed anger to a hot head – unconsciously. This transit can bring out the part of the US that declares war on poverty, drugs, race, terror, and now social services and the government itself. Angry actions based on illusions can be destructive – to the wrong people.

Mercury is Retrograde – in Pisces – in the USA 11th house – the house that represents Congress – through March 17. Talk can get exceptionally nasty as Mercury Rx conjuncts Mars in the 11th house of Congress. Decisions made now have a lot of echo….

It looks like this will happen. But for how long.

They can go to the brink. And even over. But if nothing is done the results can backfire on whoever thinks brinksmanship is a winning strategy.

As Mercury stations Direct (March 17)
Spring Equinox (March 20)
Participating Planets:
Mars @ 11 Aries – Pluto @ 11 Capricorn – SATURN @ 10 Scorpio – Jupiter @ 11 Gemini – Mars @ 11 Aries

Mars – Pluto – Saturn – Jupiter

Form a nearly exact DOUBLE YOD @ Spring Equinox.
That means FATE makes a grand appearance.
And that’s how Spring 2013 begins…

Biwheel Chart for the USA and March 1, 2013:

Watching events unfold according to the charts shows what “we” as “the collective” are experiencing but not quite articulating. So we it see our inner selves revealed in the collective experience. This way we can project our subconscious inner world, even if we can’t quite see it in ourselves, “through a glass darkly.” This is what happens with a stellium of planets lighting up oceanic Pisces. We see our psyches swimming through the collective ~~~

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