Christmas and the Full Moon: oh, what fun it is!

Yes, there is a Full Moon on Christmas Day. A/k/a the Cold Full Moon because it comes so close to Winter Solstice. Other tags are the Frosty Moon and the Long Night’s Moon. And – it’s the first Full Moon on Christmas Day since 1977. This won’t happen again for another 38 years.

6:12 AM EST
Full Moon in Cancer

Moon @ 3 Cancer 19 opposes the Sun @ 3 Capricorn 19.

In many ways, the chart for the Full Moon is a continuation, and perfection, of

the Winter Solstice chart. At the Full Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are now exactly trine (they were approaching – building at Solstice).

Mercury and Pallas Athene are still conjunct. Both Mercury and Jupiter are stationing Retrograde, so this trine will hang around through early February (the last trine is February 6). There’s plenty of time to craft your words, find support, and make plans that you can manifest. The Mercury-Jupiter trine can give you the power of positive thinking, amplified by Pallas symbol of the intelligent feminine.

Besides the Full Moon, there’s something wonderful happening on Christmas Day.

Venus is sextile Jupiter with Mars at their midpoint.

And this happens ON Christmas Eve. Oh what fun it is!

Also on Christmas Day, Mercury trines Jupiter.

Wishes can come true. Ask and it is given.

Socializing can be big fun – and mind-opening. Everyone knows how to have a good time and today they can do it.

Even more than the thrill of liking someone or something, or the excitement of being FOR something you believe in, this is about taking ACTION to make what you believe in become real. It’s not enough to feel big-hearted and generous, or feel good about something. Now is the time to DO something about it. Take positive action. Sure, it’s a risk to bust a move. But your enthusiasm can motivate you – and everyone around you – to do something wonderful. And these aspects suggest there can be great rewards when you do. Your positive attitude can help you manifest great things, now and in the future.

Both Mercury and Jupiter are stationing Retrograde in early January. Promises on the horizon now may take slightly longer to manifest than it seems right now, but that just gives you more time to envision and plan for the future.

For just a minute, let’s look at the star of this chart, the Moon in Cancer. This is a FULL MOON chart and the Moon in Cancer is in its rulership sign (Cancer rules the Moon). Besides the opposition to the Sun, the Moon is trine Juno and square Vesta. This is a powerful Goddess Asteroid chart that shows the power of emotions.

Juno is in Scorpio trine the Moon (strong since the Moon is in an applying – gaining energy – trine to Juno). The Moon-Juno trine celebrates relationships that give us the feeling of security and belonging. Emotional safety can let you be open, vulnerable, loving, sensitive – without becoming dependent and sacrificing yourself for the relationship.

Sun and Moon are both square Vesta, putting Vesta at the T-square position. Vesta is pivotal. You may uncover issues with emotional safety that are blocking your path. There can be conflict between staying in your comfort zone and pursuing your personal and career commitments. Being with family can be a golden opportunity to see and further understand the roots of your emotions and habits. You may start to see ways to move through emotions that have limited your ability to achieve and thrive. And that doesn’t mean becoming a workaholic. This is when you can find YOUR true center, dedicate yourself to your true purpose and from that point, become a source of light to others.

Chart for the Christmas Full Moon, December 25, 2015 (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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