Sweatin’ the big stuff in August

With so much going on, i wanted to step out of the studio for a moment and comment on what’s going on. Do you feel like you’re losing your balance? What IS going on?!

To summarize:
Venus Retrograde from July 25 – September 6.
Venus enters the Rx shadow on June 21 and leaves on October 9.
Venus is conjunct Jupiter and square Saturn.
Jupiter and Saturn are square
There’s a FULL BLUE MOON on July 31 (the second FULL MOON in July)

As Venus makes her Retrograde station, you may start to find out what YOU want in life. Not everything mainstream society considers valuable is of value to you personally, and through you emotions you may come to realize and accept that during Venus Retrograde. It may take an act of rebellion to break free, but complying with social demands may be the opposite of what you need to do now. During this Venus Retrograde in Leo, you may come to more fully grok how love starts with you.

Venus just stationed Retrograde Friday, July 25, and is still hanging stationary at 0 Virgo. Soon, Venus will start moving backwards faster and enter Leo (July 31, 2015).

Modifying this Venus Retrograde station is Venus conjunct Jupiter and square Saturn.

That also means Jupiter and Saturn are square – exact August 3, 2015, and again in 2016 on March 23 & May 26. (This is their final square in their cycle, the next conjunction starts December 21, 2020. Jupiter-Saturn conjuncts occur every 20 years and are times of major leadership change, especially the one coming in 2020 as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction changes from Earth signs to Air signs.)

We may experience changes and adjustments to society in general, and how we personally relate to the world. This also has a personal effect in how we elect leaders and how those changes effect us as a society and individually (the US is having a Presidential election in 2016, in case you didn’t hear!) But this doesn’t only effect the US, it’s global.

For the next few months, Venus Retrograde can make the Jupiter-Saturn square more personal. Especially if Venus is contacting a personal point or planet in your chart. The house Venus is Retrograding in can show where in your life you will have a change of feelings that leads to re-evaluations that help you decide what matters to you and release what does not.

Venus Retrograde has a bad rep. We are told that things we want, love, desire can be snatched from us when Venus is Rx. That’s not exactly how it works. What changes are our values. You may not get what you think you’re supposed to want/have, when you think you’re supposed to get it. But as Venus makes her Retrograde through Leo, you can get in touch with what YOU really want, what YOU attract to yourself, and let your love for yourself grow. And as that happens, you can attract what your heart desires, what you truly value most, whether it’s relationships or money, or both.

You may experience a lack of support in love, money, career, art, business, lawsuits, or from anyone in a position of authority. You may feel up and excited one day, and completely pessimistic the next. You may go through a crisis of values, not sure what you want, what you value. Traveling may be difficult. This is not necessarily personal, it’s more about larger systems of power, government, finances going through challenges and crises.

However, the tough times you endure now can be adjustments that break down old patterns, and while that can be difficult while it’s happening, the result can be to take you closer to what you really want to receive and achieve in your life.

As you decide what you do and do not want in your life, it’s the perfect time to clean out your closets. Especially since Venus started her Retrograde in well-organized (or trying to be!) Virgo. Just try not to overdo becoming spartan and throw away (re-purpose, recycle) things you are going to need again soon.

Making big purchases can be disappointing and you may want to return something you purchase during Venus Rx. Investments can also be disappointing. So can lawsuits. In love and money, all that glitters may not be what you hoped for, so it’s a good idea to look again, beyond the flashy exterior. Why are you attracted? If you’re trying to impress others, it may not be what you truly desire, and that can lead to disappointment. It may take until Venus is Direct to realize this.

Venus Retrograde can be a profitable time to think about what you value and why you want it in your life, whether it’s love or money, or art. Finish those art projects!

On that note, back to the studio 😉

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