11/11 New Moon in Scorpio @ 19 degrees!


Yes. The New Moon in Scorpio is on 11/11
@ 19 Scorpio 00
Sun and Moon are both @ 19 Scorpio 00

Long considered the “accursed degree,” 19 Scorpio is about destruction that leads to transformation.

The old has to fall apart so the new can be reborn. We leave the dark chaos for the light chaos. Yes, there is still chaos, that is where the creative flow lives. If everything was certain, there would be nothing new. And this is about finding a NEW direction.

ASTROLOGY OF THE NEW MOON – This New Moon chart features a YOD from the Sun/Moon conjunction (New Moon) and Jupiter to URANUS- planet of unexpected sudden change. That means the Sun and Moon are both sextile Jupiter. And all 3 – Sun, Moon, & Jupiter – point to Uranus, now at 17 Aries 20 and Retrograde.

YODS happen when 2 (or more!) planets are sextile and they QUINCUNX a third planet, forming an isosceles triangle. This LOOKS like a pointer, which is exactly what it is.
Ok – the astro tech part is over.

Think fast!

Life & its changes can seem to move at warp speed.

We are on the verge of crazy unpredictable change.

It may not all seem positive – at first. CHALLENGING is a more positive way of looking at it than anticipating absolute destruction of 19 Scorpio.

New awareness is ready to be downloaded.

ANd that can turn everything else upside down.

Even if you can’t put it into words, yet – you KNOW something big is changing.

Don’t expect things to conform to the way they’ve always been.

And you don’t have to be a rebel and throw everything overboard.

Change will happen, as if it’s FATED – without checking in to see if it’s ok. Uranus doesn’t get that attached to anything or anyone.

It’s more than what will happen to any of us personally. This is global, social, group change.

Out of the blue, you may set a new course of world service – something that never occurred to you before RIGHT NOW. Yet, becomes all-consuming and very exciting.

For those of us who are content to stick to the plan, this can feel disruptive and unsettling.

But your self-expression is needed – right NOW!

If you’ve been doing the work and are ready to make the leap, you can be a catalyst for important change.

Many of you are right there, right now.

It’s time – to push out of the limiting box of the old dimensions and EXPAND your reach.

Be a trailblazer!

You don’t have to destroy the past to blaze a new path. In fact, the less of that you do, the more of a positive, creative, uplifting impact you can have on the world.

Just don’t expect everything to be the same ol’ same ol’…

I would LOVE to help you make the GREAT LEAP and expand your world.
Readings with Lauren @ artcharts.com

Here’s the chart for the New Moon in Scorpio (in NYC):
if you can’t read the symbols, click for an astrology legend

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