Feb 28

New Moon: Harmonic Dream

New Moon on March 1, 2014
@ 3:00 AM EST
@ 10 Pisces 39

Mercury stations DIRECT on February 28
Mars stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Vesta stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Saturn stations RETROGRADE on March 2

Mercury stations DIRECT On the New Moon in Pisces. That sounds dreamy. TIme to put your imagination into action. Yet, too much conflict and not enogh harmony can hold up the action. Continue reading

Nov 10

Mercury stations Direct: RESTART


Mercury Direct in Scorpio

Mercury stations Direct on November 10, 2013 @ 2 Scorpio 29

It’s time to click RESTART –
clear your mind’s screen and get ready to create something new

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to review your story – your emotional life. And now – at the Direct station – it’s time to take back your power. Continue reading