Mercury is Direct: REALLY good news


Mercury stations Direct!
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
@ 8:50 AM EDT
@ 24 Gemini 22

There’s a dash of MAGIC in this Mercury DIRECT station!



What an exciting Mercury Direct station! As Mercury stations, it will be in an extended TRINE to the North Node (now in Libra) – as Mercury trines the North Node just BEFORE the direct station (June 23) and again right AFTER the direct station (July 4). This means an aspect that usually lasts a day will be in effect for a few weeks – greatly STRENGTHENING its power & influence – especially if you have planets or points at around 24-25 degrees of the AIR signs (Gemini, Libra, also Aquarius).

This is the zone of the effortless mental flow. The perfect words can POP into your mind. When you get your message out there, you can attract the PERFECT people who will appreciate you and share your message. This is great on a personal level, and also on a business/professional level if you are advertising or selling your products or services.

Astrologically, Mercury is in its ruling sign of Gemini. While Venus, ruler of Libra is in Mercury-ruled Gemini. Communication just flows ~ you attract people who desire to hear your message. Just as you can attract and receive compelling messages.

A few ways to OPTIMIZE this Mercury Direct are:

    Magically attracting people of like mind

    Connecting with information that helps you BREAK THROUGH old limiting beliefs

    Accessing a higher level of SELF-ACCEPTANCE – so necessary for all growth & expansion

    Easy of communication benefits all your relationships

    A book or blog with exactly the information you need ‘falls off the shelf’

    Observing and becoming more aware of how and when you take on other people’s stress – and get blamed for causing the stress!

    Effortless connections with the perfect messages and messengers


Chart for Mercury Direct (in NYC):
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One thought on “Mercury is Direct: REALLY good news

  1. I have an unsual series of chart activities starting July 20 2014, a very unusual pattern I haven’t seen in years.

    I have a transit trine between ascendant, Jupiter(8), Sun and Jupiter (5th).
    Shooting out from this triangle is Sun/Jup to Mars (2nd) with a lunar return sitting on top of Mars.
    Vertex heavily trined all around.

    It is like fate did a paste and cut on all the trines and sextiles.

    Then there is the railroad track: To the left of the chart , there is a parallel line Pluto (10)trine native Venus(12) To the right another parallel line Venus (4) trine Pluto (6).

    The others are typical Uranus Trine Uranus, Neptune trine Neptune, etc.

    The days that follow are empty and have minimal transits and nothing negative…for months.
    Everyone is coming to the big party..and then disappear.

    My question is this: due to the unusual connections, should I spend my 3 days sending out resumes, or focus on my artwork, or lcean out my closets, or buy a lottery ticket/casino, or sit by a pool and get fat?

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