New Moon: Harmonic Dream

New Moon on March 1, 2014
@ 3:00 AM EST
@ 10 Pisces 39

Mercury stations DIRECT on February 28
Mars stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Vesta stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Saturn stations RETROGRADE on March 2

Mercury stations DIRECT On the New Moon in Pisces. That sounds dreamy. TIme to put your imagination into action. Yet, too much conflict and not enogh harmony can hold up the action.

As Mercury stations DIRECT – Mars, Vesta, and Saturn make their RETROGRADE stations. This can make for a very confusing NEW MOON in mystical Pisces!

Unlike the outer planets (Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto), Mars only makes a RX station once every 2 years. So while your old programs may be clear after Mercury’s Rx station in Aquarius, and your schedule can be starting to fill up, you may not be feeling genuinely motivated. You may just not feel all that enthusiastic about DOING all that stuff on your list.

Since energy can’t really be lost, what IS happening to the normal momentum of energy you need to get things done? Ideally, you can find ways to use your energy more effectively. If you are experiencing more friction or resistance in your life, that can help you see where (and how) you divert your energy patterns. You may find situations where your temper rages, your patience runs thin, you just can’t get satisfaction. And if you feel negative, angry, and/or inflamed about outside situations, that can lead to internal fevers, rashes, or inflammations as well, along with cuts, bruises, scrapes, accidents.

Saturn and Mars RX can bring up lingering doubts. And with the New Moon in Pisces, the doubts can be amplified. If you don’t trust a part of yourself, this can make you feel hazy, insecure and certain that you if you failed once, you will make a mistake again. The thing is, Saturn is a teacher and if you can look honestly at where you failed (or thought you let yourself or others down) you can make changes during this upcoming RX station. Mars reminds us to get in touch with our WILL – the part of ourselves that desires – and use our imaginations (Pisces) to encourage ourselves to take positive action, not action forced by an overactive ego looking to compete for quick gains.

Not everyone will be looking to use Mars Retrograde positively. We are seeing an increase in those who use politics and social media to promote their own interests, trolls who enjoy hurting others and are not trying to find a compromise or create balance. Instead of promoting tolerance, they are stirring tempers to get publicity. Asking these people to be considerate, tolerant or play fairly can stimulate their sadistic tendencies. Coupled with the extreme restraint of Saturn Rx (in Scorpio), this time period can excite the sadists among us.

While we’re dishing up more on this New Moon, Mars is in LIBRA, where Mars is in its “DETRIMENT,” meaning, Mars is not at home in Venus-ruled cooperative Libra. While Libra wants to accommodate and get along, Mars in Libra would rather argue – and is able to passive/aggressively cover its anger with pretend consent or apologies – anything rather than taking responsibility.

Mars is also square (conflicting with) Venus at the New Moon. And since the function of Mars is to go out and get what Venus wants, this can block your ability to RECEIVE what you desire. True to Mars stationing Retrograde in Libra, many respond by using hate speech and slinging nasty slogans, skimming over reality and making it next to impossible to discuss the actual issues. If our major concern is blaming and criticizing, we are not going to come to the table – hopefully eventually but not yet. This New Moon-Retrograde can be the beginning of learning to compromise instead of commanding and using force, ‘standing our ground’ to get ‘justice.’ Mars is also making its RX station within 2 degrees of the North Node, newly into LIBRA, and they will conjunct in July 2014. This could be the perfect time to learn to create balance – allowing BOTH sides of the story to be heard – so we can create harmony and cooperation. And that can be more powerful than forcing one side’s will.

But – before we can tolerate others, the first person each of us needs to tolerate is ourself. Once you can accept yourself, warts and all, as being just fine, loving and deserving, you can extend that acceptance, that tolerance, to everyone and anyone.

Saturn Rx can be frustrating. Err and ug. But it’s more than that. Saturn Rx is about taking the time to make more careful, realistic plans. To update your goals, take care of unfinished business or lingering responsibilities. Once these are dealt with, you can be free to manifest new goals. It’s NOT time to give up. But you can find that pushing harder can make progress more difficult. Spending more isn’t necessarily the answer either – this is a time to learn to USE what you have more efficiently. IF you have a choice, this may not be the best time to take on more responsibilities. But this could be a time you learn to honor your limits. Build your inner structure, your support system, your rock.

But you may say – wait a moment – isn’t this the PISCES New Moon, the time of great emotional intensity, when we can feel our highest inspiration and our deepest sorrows? Why would we care about all this worldly stuff with Mercury, Mars and Saturn making their stations Direct and Retrograde? Because Pisces sees ALL AS ONE. It does not separate the divine from the daily life. It takes every opportunity to uplift. Every thing you do can raise your level of consciousness.

Pisces is the sign of spirituality, also of being a victim. As long as we judge and accept judgment of others, we keep ourselves in the victim role. And that makes people uncomfortable. These next few weeks, while the Moon waxes and the Sun is in Pisces, we may see how we use judgment to hurt and feel hurt – we may understand what that does to our energy level and how limiting it is. Staying small limits our ability to even imagine a positive future.

Holding on to judgment keeps emotions like sorrow and sadness firmly entrenched. If we can find and release those judgments, we can free ourselves from feeling less deserving, and we can stop attracting pity and feeling victimized. If you don’t want a pity party, stop inviting everyone – take back your power.

The location of the RX planets in your chart point to WHERE you can be asked to slow down. During the month of March, artcharts will extend our offer of a Retrograde Station Report with every order. (You need to an exact birth time for this report because it’s based on the house position.)

Chart for the New Moon in Pisces (in NYC):
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