Mercury stations Direct: RESTART


Mercury Direct in Scorpio

Mercury stations Direct on November 10, 2013 @ 2 Scorpio 29

It’s time to click RESTART –
clear your mind’s screen and get ready to create something new

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to review your story – your emotional life. And now – at the Direct station – it’s time to take back your power.

As Mercury stations Direct, it’s time to retrieve your power – your personal power that YOU gave to others in hope of being liked – for approval, for getting something in return. This is not giving, this is a desire for an exchange – I give you this, so you give me that. That’s a contract and it’s fine for making money, and relationships that are contractual, yet it is not giving because there is control and manipulation imbedded in this approach to giving. It leads to lack of energy – not to receiving anything.

This Direct Mercury station – with Mercury in Scorpio and trine Neptune – is a good time to get to a deeper level by working with a hypnotherapist. By (expertly) entering into your SUBconscious with your CONSCIOUS mind, you can re-direct your subconscious patterns, which is where you create your limitations – and you opportunities. Through your subconscious, you can get rid of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs – all the limitations that prevent you from achieving the life you desire. You will need to CONSCIOUSLY revisit your past and revise it. This is the deep spiritual/emotional work you (hopefully) did while Mercury was Retrograde, and can continue while Mercury is in the Retrograde shadow – through November 26, just in time for THANKS-GIVING.

Thank your limiting beliefs for being a filter and protecting you in the past and helping you to be ready to move on and become a conscious creator. Imagine a new you. You don’t have to carry negative, limiting images and stories about yourself – if you don’t want to. At this Mercury Direct, you can let them go. Deep breath and breathe them out. whoosh….


Be patient. Mercury doesn’t start moving forward very quickly and the station can be a confusing time – especially with the trine to Neptune. BUt – if you’ve been working on clearing your old emotional energy, it can also be a time when you intuition is heightened and your imagination is wide open to new ideas. Mercury will continue to travel through the “shadow” which is retracing its path through Scorpio since the Retrograde station on October 21. (for a timeline of this Mercury station, see the Mercury Retrograde page on

Chart for Mercury’s Direct station (in NYC):
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