Full Moon Money & Magic: November 17, 2013


Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio
Sunday, November 17, 2013
10:16 AM EST

Moon @ 25 Taurus 26
Sun @ 25 Scorpio 26

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is in Capricorn – conjunct Pluto

As Venus and Pluto conjunct on Nov 15 – you can make money – like magic – if you’re in the flow….

— — — — — — —

Here are the key TRANSITING ASPECTS in the Full Moon chart:
Sun & Moon oppose in Scorpio / Taurus
Full Moon Ruler is Venus
Venus is conjunct Pluto
Venus is square Uranus
Venus is sextile the South Node and trine the North Node

MOON is semisquare Uranus – and sesquisquare Pluto and Venus
SUN is semisquares Pluto and Venus – and sesquisquare Uranus

Taurus represents having and holding. It’s what we desire to possess and how we feel about it. Our values.

And most of us value money.

Taurus describes our values – and the TOOLS we use to achieve our values.
Venus in Capricorn reminds us we need to take responsibility for how we earn money.

When we use our egos to get more money – more value for ourselves – we market ourselves, even if we don’t have much to offer – we convince others that we do. Others resist selling themselves and shut down when it comes to marketing. The larger question is – how are we going to achieve our greater goals and connect to our higher purpose? And receive all we desire?

FULL MOON ruler Venus makes some challenging aspects to the SUN and MOON – the stars of the FULL MOON. Sun and Moon make tense aspects to Uranus and Pluto – spiking our anxiety about money. This Taurus FULL MOON is a TOOL, or opportunity to do some abundance work.

One thing about money – we all need it and we all want it. Having money gives us VALUE. And when we don’t value ourselves – or we are taught by the culture not to value ourselves or our abilities – we find it hard to get money, to get paid for what we do. To receive what we desire, we have to move past the judgments that make money seem so hard – even impossible – to get.

What are your feelings about MONEY and receiving what you desire? – And what blocks you from receiving what you want, achieving your desires? Do you have a money ‘set-point,’ a limit of how much you feel comfortable earning? What if that limit wasn’t as definite as you think. What if you could expand that limit by expanding how you think of yourself. What if to earn – to receive – the trick is to be ale to receive – to think you’re that good, that valuable, that powerful.

This Full Moon can bring your resistance to receiving – everything from love to things you want to more money – into sharp focus. How do you keep it away – with your thoughts? Scorpio – opposing the Taurus Moon – shows our underlying fears that keep what we want at a distance. While the squares to Uranus show how our groupmind beliefs create our resistance to abundance. If we think we don’t deserve it, it will be very hard to get it.

How do we hold resistance in place and keep our desires at a distance?

Many of us think it’s FATE that keeps us poor – or wealthy – yet – we can change what seems like fate with our consciousness. Your fate depends on what you believe. And how many old limiting beliefs you choose to hold onto and allow to block your path to success. Fear is a great motivator – but fear – anticipation – can also be turned into excitement and used positively. Your beliefs are the filters that hold you back – and sometimes for good reason – to keep you safe. But – do you still need the safety of a 12-year-old? Or the beliefs that protected you 20, 30, 40 years ago?

We stay on the sidelines where we feel safe – away from the pressure of rejection – even if the results are negative, while we judge those who jump onto the dancefloor of life and have fun. Don’t hold anger at the child part of yourself that created this story of judgment. If you can release your younger self – with love and compassion – you can move into the big fun of real world receiving.

While money represents value in our culture, putting too much value on money ironically keeps us from having enough. Especially if you are a spiritually-centered individual, using money as status – or excepting that judgment from others – is the moment you lose your energy and the abundance cycle starts to fall -because you are giving your energy away in the hope of gaining status and power. At this Taurus FULL MOON, you can take it back.

Since money is energy – when we only want to RECEIVE – and never GIVE – we stop the circulation of energy. When we believe in fear and scarcity – we don’t think we have anything to GIVE – so we withhold our valuable energy and cut ourselves off from the flow of abundance. We all have personal power – and we can use it EMPOWER ourselves – which radiates to others. When we disempower ourselves by only TAKING, we wind up not even being able to RECEIVE anything, creating a complete disconnect in the exchange of energy. This is how economies ‘tank’ and our personal wealth disappears. When you reject your own power, you reject the flow of abundance. If you want to be in your abundance, you have to let the energy flow. That’s the magic.

So how do you get there from here. By letting yourself expand into your true self – to let yourself be bigger – and not shrink into the smallest version of you. You won’t know what opportunities are possible – if you’re staying small and hiding your Self you stop the magic and the flow. Expecting instant manifestation can arouse your fear and negativity and stop you – before the manifestation can happen. Stay BIG – and keep growing – and don’t let perceived negativity throw you off course. If that’s your will, the universe can deliver.

Full Moon Meditation: for just a a few minutes, let go of the money struggle. Let go of the judgment of your value. YOu are a powerful creator – you will always create. So as the Moon becomes Full, you can also become FILLED with light. Let go of your fears and limits about money. All your history of worth – or no worth. All the blocks to your root chakra. Breathe it out. And make room to receive your flow of BIG bright FULL MOON light, naturally and easily… Imagine your flow of resources, coming to you… like magic.

Chart for the FULL Moon in Taurus (in NYC):
Click for an astro legend

Thanks for sharing your beautiful energy

Active Aspects:
Venus conjunct Pluto
Venus square Uranus
MOON semisquare Uranus
MOON sesquisquare Pluto
MOON sesquisquare Venus
SUN semisquares Pluto
SUN semisquare Venus
SUN sesquisquare Uranus

3 thoughts on “Full Moon Money & Magic: November 17, 2013

  1. Thank you Lauren.
    Full moon will be 5 degrees past my Pars Fortuna in 2nd H Taurus 🙂
    May we all think BIG and create our beautiful magic.

  2. Lauren thank you for a deep & through explanation of the Full Moon, Momey & Magic. I really appreciate you bringing awakening and awareness to some sensitive areas that sometimes fall by the wayside. You put into focus how to better ourselves in a very profound way that I will not forget.
    Kindest Regards:)

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