Jul 28

Grand SEXTILE of July 29: the new normal

GRAND SEXTILE all day Monday, July 29, 2013

This is a rare and special alignment.

A GRAND SEXTILE is an opportunity – golden and perfect – to opt for peace and prosperity for all – or – we can just keep doing what we’ve been doing – hoarding power and profit. Are we generous and flowing – or are we convinced that the world is scary and FEAR is the only sane response? Is that the best we can do? Because this is a GOLDEN opportunity to ask and receive. This Grand Sextile can also help you get clear about what you truly desire.

Monday, July 29 from about 8 am EDT when the Moon is at 4 degrees Taurus until the Moon trines Pluto at 7:18 PM EDT, the MOON-in-TAURUS will add to the current trines and sextiles to create a GRAND SEXTILE. Continue reading