Dirty Fighting: SUPER Full Moon on October 16, 2016

SUPER Full Moon in Aries
October 16, 2016
@ 12:23 AM
Moon @ 23 Aries 14
Sun @ 23 Libra 14
Eris @ 23 Aries 5

The Full Moon in Aries is a SUPER Full Moon because the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth (perigee) on October 16. This FULL MOON will be YUGE.




People call the current election a soap opera. And soap is exactly what this sordid “campaign” needs.

It’s also the last Full Moon before the US presidential election. Things come to a head. Or, in Aries-Libra, a boiling point.

Push shoves back.

The Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus – planet of unexpected change & upheaval – while the Sun opposes Uranus.

This Full Moon is a catalyst for change. Unpredictable, disruptive events can unfold – largely caused by inflexible positions and attitudes. There can be opportunities to experience insights that spark either anger or a miraculous new way of thinking that can change minds. Yet the Sun-Uranus opposition suggests a strong tendency toward inflexible thinking. Both sides (opposition of the Full Moon) feel disrespected.

The Moon and Uranus are also conjunct Eris, the dwarf planet beyond Pluto known for fierce competition. Even the discovery of Eris led to controversy over Pluto, demoting it to dwarf planet status.

Eris is NOT a happy camper. She is the forgotten goddess, the one not invited to the wedding party of Peleus and Thetis – and she is NOT ok about it. This is the same story as Snow White, which is taken from the Greek myth. Eris is a symbol of those who are left-out, forgotten, and enraged. In Greek mythology, this was the cause of the Trojan War.

The Aries Moon is at a PEAK of competition. The fight is ON! Time to let anger fly.

And it is.

In the Full Moon chart, the Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus and Eris. In Greek mythology, Ares is the brother of Eris. A fierce battle is raging, and one that no one can win without injury. This fight can go anywhere. Nothing will be held back. Winner takes all. The fight is on and winning is the ONLY goal. How it happens and who gets hurts in the process doesn’t seem to matter. Yet it does.

Besides the contentious election going on in the US, Russian TV is threatening nuclear war unless Trump wins. Is it all talk? While Mars (war) is conjunct Pluto (nuclear), Mercury-in-Libra (talk) is square Mars-Pluto, so the threat could symbolize the break-down in diplomacy (Libra) resulting in threatening fear talk.

To get a holistic picture of what’s going on, we look at the ruler of the Moon-in-Aries, which is Mars. Mars is in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. Also square Mercury. This is NOT a mentally or emotionally stable time. To be in our full adult (Capricorn) power (Pluto), we need to take personal (Aries) responsibility (Capricorn) for our actions (Mars).

Mars is exactly trine the North Node and sextile the South node, while Mercury squares Mars and Pluto. This is a perfect reflection of our times. While there is conflict, there is also the ability to remain dignified and present. To stay “high” instead of going “low.” We can be cooperative, caring, or – if we can’t/won’t look in the mirror – we can give in to conflict and destroy our potential for growth. It can be a big challenge to edit your thoughts enough to be tactful and sensitive to others. Yet, all lightworkers and peacemakers have a serious responsibility to be conscious of the great and powerful potential to cause harm with their words and actions now. But for those of use who are TRULY courageous, who can use this opening to reach new awareness, we can’t let the excuse of dirty fighting inhibit our growth.

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At election time, the North Node will semisquare the Sun and sesquisquare the Moon. This shows the public that will do their civic duty, yet is NOT ok with the election, with voting, or with the outcome, either way. Jupiter will also square Mars, which could show the use of aggression to make an urgent point.

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