Solar Eclipse: magic light

Solar Eclipse
November 3, 2013
Hybrid Eclipse visible as Partial Eclipse in NYC
– starting @ Sunrise 5:50 AM EST
Maximum Eclipse @ 6:31 AM EST
Eclipse ends @ 7:11 AM EST
(Eclipse is TOTAL in parts of Africa)

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”
– Will Rogers

Eclipses are portals that open doorways to new dimensions. But – walking through the doorway is optional. It is a choice that is available to everyone on the planet, yet we have to consciously choose our path. To make it stick, we need to consciously make it part of our daily lives. Are you ready…?

The facts:

Sun and Moon are conjunct (it’s a New Moon!) @ 11 Scorpio 15
— and —
they both conjunct Saturn

— and — the’s an EXACT conjunction of North Node and Mercury — words and messages are POWERFUL

— and — Uranus is square Pluto – This is the 4th out of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares – starting in June 2012 continuing through March 2015. Read more about this long term SQUARE

— and — there’s a YOD to Uranus – Mars sextile the Sun-Moon-NorthNode-Saturn-Mercury quincunx Uranus.

There’s a second intersecting YOD – base is Uranus sextile Juno, both Uranus & Juno quincunx Mars.
This forms 2 intersecting YODS
This is a wedge that forces change, despite considerable resistance.

This is literally a mind BOGGLING opportunity – as vibrations of the Earth rise, so can yours.

But – once the Eclipse is over and the vibrations go back to ‘normal,’ will your vibrations also lower? This is an opportunity to make your progress permanent. as the vibrations raise and quicken, you can make permanent progress – if you want to.

Why don’t we maintain the high vibration? We get up, and then we feel ourselves falling once again…

How can we take our intuitive insights and CONSCIOUSLY make them part of ourselves? How can we integrate the high vibrations we feel so they become part of our lives, every day.

Uranus-square-Pluto (long term) reminds us – the resistance to our inspiration is POWERFUL. It also shows why.

URANUS is at the leading edge of the ECLIPSE SHIFT. It may not feel like you’re doing enough to focus on yourself – your true healing may come as you extend your intuition and inspiration to the group mind.

However, this is the ECLIPSE – a powerful conjunction of the SUN and Moon — the 2 most personal planets. And they are conjunct Retrograde Mercury and Saturn – if we dig, if we do our research into our past, we can regain our personal identity. And from there, we can become the powerful force we hope to be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The strong PATTERNS of the ECLIPSE CHART reflect the strong patterns within us.
These patterns are resistant to change because true change comes from the subconscious mind – the inner place where we create our patterns. Change needs to be chosen consciously and integrated into our conscious mind by the subconscious (where patterns are created).

To get free, to truly change – we need to commit to doing the WORK within – as symbolized by SATURN (work) conjunct the ECLIPSE and inconjunct (big stretch) Uranus. This is not ug chore work, we can joyously take responsibility for our healing and our choices.

This is an interesting point in time for the Eclipse – coinciding with Halloween when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. And this is a rare opportunity because the Eclipse – conjunct Saturn – can help us make our structures – or patterns that are usually hidden in our subconscious – fully CONSCIOUS. Once we see our patterns, they become conscious and we can experience a healing that can create real meaningful change in our lives. On a large scale and day-to-day.

Saturn, inconjunct freedom-oriented Uranus in the ECLIPSE CHART – reminds us that we have FREE WILL – and that while we can call up many ‘good reasons’ to keep ourselves in a limited position – mentally (Saturn conjunct Mercury) and in our true self/power (conjunct SUN and MOON – the ECLIPSE) -we are RE-minded — that, if we can drop our judgments of ourselves (and others), we can lift our vibrations and shift our reality. This doesn’t mean you can’t say NO. Preferences are choices and always an option. Judgments come from limiting beliefs and hold us in low-vibration negativity.

We can access AND release our darkest emotions now. We can remove the need to control and prevent the magic (Saturn in Scorpio). And in doing that, we can relase our resistance and start to receive what we desire.

What if, instead of fighting reality – we chose to dislodge ourselves from our ease and comfort with our discomfort, and stepped into our true selves? Mercury Retrograde gives us a new chance to RE-view our choices, to RE-lease our limitations (conjunct Saturn) and RE-invent a new reality (conjunct North Node).

ECLIPSES are portals to new dimensions. ECLIPSES are downloads of light encoded with the energy of transformation. Yet everyone doesn’t simply transform. This is a planet of free will. The ECLPSE energy is available to the subconscious mind – it needs to be received, realized, and made conscious for us to access its uplifting messages. This is a beautiful time to meditate, to fill your body & soul with the light energy of the ECLIPSE so it can become conscious in your life, part of your new pattern.

It will help to remove all pressure to ascend with the Solar Eclipse. Time and space provide an opening. When you choose to use that opening is your choice -the right time is when your body & soul feel ready.

We are not being forced to RECEIVE this energy of higher frequency. It is a choice for each of us. But if we do choose to receive, to be open to this energy, we give our future Self a new potential, to live in a higher love.

Not only for our Selves, but we can send this higher love to everyone on the planet. Not for any purpose or agenda but to uplift, to move beyond limiting beliefs, to live in a positive universe. And if you feel discouraged, remember to laugh;-}

Saturn quincunx Uranus started in November 2012, and this is the last pass, as Saturn starts to move forward (it won’t Rx past this point again). Mars also played an integral role in the first quincunx last November, and here’s Mars again, as part of the YOD to Uranus.

Chart for the NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE (in NYC):
NOTE: the ECLIPSE is at Maximum intensity e @ 6:31 AM EST ending @ 7:11 AM EST, this is the chart for the NEW MOON


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2 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse: magic light

  1. Just wanted to let someone know what I did during the solar eclipse on November 3rd. I didn’t even remember that the eclipse was about to happen even though I had read about it on Thursday. The eclipse fell in my 5th house of love. Well I spent practically the entire weekend studying the love asteroids. I had never really delved into the asteroids like eros, psyche, amor, aphrodite and many others. I looked up my own love asteroids and those of my significant others in my life and found the whole experience to be completely fascinating. I learned so much and couldn’t understand why I had never really considered or studied up on the love asteroids before. Well, it took the scorpio eclipse in my 5th house to do just that and I didn’t really the significance of what I’d done until late yesterday when I remembered the eclipse. Needless to say I now have one more astrological tool to help me with my synastry studies which I am extremely interested in. Studying the love asteroids also helped me to clarify some things about my own relationships in particular a person I met over the summer and was very confused about my feelings for this person. I learned that my asteroid Medusa falls on his North Node. I will admit that this one left me confused even after I read the description of what it means. It supposedly meant betrayal by a woman. Did that mean that I would betray him in some way. So this one didn’t help my confusion, but then I found that his cupido which rules playful more flirting type of infection rather than serious love fall falls on my North Node. Also his Eros is conjunct my descendant. An orb of only 1.5 is allowed for orbs so they are kept pretty tight. His Eros falls exactly on my descendant and his cupido is at 23 degrees Virgo so falls somewhat short of being exactly on my Moon and North Node at 18 degrees virgo although it does hit my part of fortune at 24 degrees virgo. His psyche is at 10 degrees virgo which is far short of my stellium of moon, north node, and part of fortune. His Dark Moon Lilith, however at 21 virgo is allowed a wider orb and does fall on my virgo stellium. Dark Moon Lilith is also given a bit more weight even over the love asteroids for relationships. All in all I emerged from my love asteroid exploration feeling that I learned a lot. It helped me clarify some things and as a said i now have another tool to help me in relationship synastry. Very appropriate for the eclipse falling in my 5th house of love.

    • Dear Pat, it is fine to review your past and understand it in detail, in this case your 5th house love past. However, this is an Eclipse, a new doorway, and an opportunity to walk through a new — unknown – doorway. this means walking into something you do not know – releasing the past story of you so you can walk into the unknown future, as you are now. this means dropping your old story and all the pain it holds, imagining a vision of your new self, loving and empowered and able to express, and walking toward it. this is new territory for all of us.
      – with Love, Lauren

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