Solar Eclipse & New Moon: reach out


in Pisces
on February 26, 2017
@ 9:58:23 AM EST
Moon & Sun @ 8 Pisces 12

Annular Eclipse of the Sun – visible FULLY in the Southern Hemisphere. In the US, we will see a PARTIAL Solar Eclipse, so the Sun will appear like a Crescent Moon during the Eclipse. Remember that Eclipses are SUPER BRIGHT, so don’t look directly at the Sun during the Eclipse.

Ruling planet is Neptune. Neptune is conjunct the New Moon @ 11 Pisces 34

Neptune rules Pisces.

Because the ruling planet is Neptune, this is a VERY Piscean Eclipse/New Moon.

This is a very emotional Eclipse/New Moon. Emotions usually hidden are revealed. We are not going to be able to hide behind the usual excuses. Emotions and spiritual ideas come into come into full view because we need to see them in order to grow. Otherwise, we will continue to confuse and delude our Selves.

The South Lunar Node is at 3 Pisces 23. The proximity of the Node to the New Moon is what makes this an Eclipse. IF we’re ready to let go of the past, we can move forward.

Right now, our lives are OPEN books. We are passionate about expressing our beliefs, and unlikely to be rational. Views and beliefs are extremely polarized and polarizing. As in all recent charts, there is a Jupiter-Uranus opposition, still happening because these planets move slowly and will linger in the same pattern through the Fall of 2017. At the Solar Eclipse, Mars joins Uranus and they BOTH oppose Jupiter. Mars-Uranus also square Pluto and the asteroid Vesta. This gives us a GRAND CARDINAL SQUARE – again. Accompanied by Mars in its rulership sign of Aries. This is HOT HEADED wild energy.

Disrupt Revolution Controversy Change-the-World. Mirroring the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, confusion can distract (Uranus) us from issues that are much more important.

Jupiter, which rules publishing, opposing Mars-Uranus is a symbol of the media war heating up. Sides are being drawn against each other. Sure, this is obvious, yet – this aspect occurring exactly with the SOLAR ECLIPSE makes it all the more important. The square from Jupiter to Pluto, which will continue to be in play all year, shows that investigations will be challenged every step of the way. The power struggle between absolute power and the Press will continue. And is likely to have worldwide repercussions.

As Mars conjuncts Uranus and opposes Jupiter (and squares Pluto and Vesta) we – the People – are being awakened. We are also being encouraged to come together as communities to share and air our views, even if that gets heated. After all, Mars & Uranus are in Aries creating heat and more heat. But our awareness is lighting a fire in ALL the people (Uranus). Perhaps the diplomatic influence of Jupiter in LIBRA will encourage us to share in ways that we can actually hear. But the opposition shows how far apart we are, and how damaging anger and hate can be.

Can we build a bridge? Openly sharing our inner joy & happiness can be inspiring on a larger scale, and growing. We may be able to move past old obstacles and discuss issues we never understood or were able to clearly debate – before now. Feeling more positive and inspired, anything is possible.

BIG as this Eclipse looks, this is NOTHING compared to the next Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. That will be a TOTAL Solar Eclipse and the ENTIRE Eclipse will be over the USA 0 entering in Oregon and moving through the mid section to exit at South Carolina. This has not occurred since – 1776. Order your Eclipse glasses soon. (i don’t sell them, just a suggestion since they’ll sell out)

Mars will once again be featured, but this time Mars will CONJUNCT the Eclipse, and Donald Trump’s Mars-Ascendant. We ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

Chart for Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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