Full Moon on March 16: coming clean

Full Moon
March 16, 2014
@ 1:08 PM EDT

Moon @ 26 Virgo 01
Sun @ 26 Pisces 01

What happens when you don’t take responsibility for creating and supporting what you want? And why would you need to do that if you can blame, judge, troll any irritating person? Does all that judgment bring you to a place you are clean, clear and able to project a self-image that is loving and attractive?

Here we are at the Virgo FULL MOON – it happens when the Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon – in Virgo.

Virgo wants to come clean. At the Full Moon opposition of Virgo-Pisces, we go through the subconscious waters of Pisces to emerge cleansed, purified by the Virgo Moon. And this cleansing will help as we approach the Eclipses in Aries/Libra (April 15), then Taurus (April 29). And most of all- a very serious GRAND CROSS.

(The Grand Cross is at 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs – the degree of the Cardinal signs that is called “critical.” This is an Earth shaker!)

For now, the GRAND CROSS continues to form – Mars is moving backwards (Retrograde) and will align perfectly in late April, during the Eclipses. Meanwhile, Jupiter is moving into position to oppose Pluto and square Uranus. They will all be at 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs in mid April.

Meanwhile, this FULL MOON features a double YOD, that’s 2 isosceles triangles that fit together perfectly.

YODS are 2 planets in sextile – with both planets quincunx (or in conjunct) a third planet, forming a thin or isosceles triangle. It looks like a pointer, or as it’s also called, the Finger of God.

At the Full Moon, both the Sun and Moon are focal points of YODS. This shows a great need to adjust. Yet, the adjustments we need to make may not be comfortable or intuitive. They can seem forced, physically and emotionally.

If you are in the habit of finding someone to blame for your problems, situations, life, this can be an uncomfortable jolt. If you are self-reflective and looking to yourself for the key to change, this Full Moon can bring welcome information. If you have been carrying emotions that are distorted and distorting your ability respond appropriately – either over or under reacting – this Full Moon can be a time you can release unwanted emotions that are holding you back. These emotions can be hidden in the subconscious, but at this Full Moon, they can become obvious. Or as big as the Moon.

And this can help you release what’s been holding you back, so you can come clean and let yourself shine, as big as the Moon and the Sun.

Chart for the Full Moon on March 16, 2014 (in NYC):
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