December starts… BIG

sun opposes jupiter
december 2, 2012

December is a BIG month – Jupiter makes it even bigger & better by giving us a great gift – the BIG cosmic-sized picture.

We can see Jupiter BIG in the night sky – at its closest point to Earth, and joined by the star Aldebaran – one of the 4 royal stars – for most of the coming winter season. Literal interpretation: Hitting the bulls eye.




Sun opposes Jupiter – with the Sun in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, making this opposition super charged and extra potent.

[Astronomical note: while the Sun opposing Jupiter can happen from any sign of the zodiac, the Sun-Jupiter opposition is always the midpoint of the Jupiter retrograde. This is the farther point in Jupiter’s orbit from the Sun, and closest to the Earth. Jupiter is “perigee” – closest in its orbit to the Earth. And Aphelion – farthest in its orbit from the Sun.]

Jupiter is also (visibly) conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran – the bull’s (south or left) eye. Traditionally Aldebaran has the energy of Mars (with some of Mercury and Jupiter), and can signify leaders capable of excellent military planning, who (temporarily) rise in popularity. If leadership is not strong and ethical enough to hold its position in the face of overzealous opposition, progress can be obstructed.

Jupiter is reminding us – louder and larger than usual – to keep our perspective – and our sense of humor. As we remember from the Lunar Eclipse post, Jupiter is now at the focal point of a YOD, so we are being guided to see life through a slightly different perspective. For Jupiter – that means POSITIVE energy. What if knee-jerk negative reactions could be revealed and cleared. What if we don’t HAVE TO respond to situations the way we always have in the past (this YOD point was also the position of the Lunar Eclipse MOON, intuiting new ways to view, and clear, the past). Jupiter Rx in Gemini – breathe out.

As the Sun and Jupiter oppose, pushing too hard to improve your good name brand can turn into the opposite of what was intended. Jupiter wants to ENCOURAGE us to be honorable, ethical, wise – it’s not a mandate. Are you genuinely trying to do something for the good of all – or only for your own potential ‘political’ gain? The truth can be revealed, whether or not that was the intention. Very influential leaders can be brought down by forcing their opinions and visibly leading the people off course. If you KNOW where you’re going, you can lead consciously and believably – without overdoing it.

If you are part of the quantum SHIFT, this is your time to find and connect with your positive center. It’s not trite, or parttime, to be positive – it’s world service and truly spiritual. There is nothing more spiritual than the quest to raise your vibration. That is the essence of spirituality.

Not everyone is there. Not everyone wants to be there. As we are often reminded by world events – this world is filled with contrasting views and opinions. The likelihood of everyone on Earth agreeing on everything (anything?) is unlikely at best.

Yet, many of us want to see the world in a bigger perspective, as symbolized by Jupiter’s strong presence in the important December charts.

The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo is December 6.
Moon @ 14 Virgo 55
Sun @ 14 Sagittarius 55

It’s been quite a Lunar phase – including 2 Eclipses. This Lunar phase, that started with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13, reaches the final approaching square to the Sun, creating the Last Quarter Moon. What have we learned? And what are we going to DO with it? It’s important because the coming New Moon (Dec 13) relies on our ability to understand and communicate the information we’re receiving now – at the Last Quarter phase.

The Last Quarter Moon @ 14 Virgo 55 will square the Sun at 14 Sagittarius 55 – as the Sun opposes Jupiter. This puts the Last Quarter Moon at the focal point of a T-Square. You may KNOW what you want, yet your intuitive awareness can be blocked by intimidating people or situations. You may NOT want to consciously know what you intuitively sense, so you can block your own awareness. The more the stress upsets your flow, the less aware and responsive – and the more vulnerable – you can become.

Where does the stress come from? When we let others (including society in general) control our thoughts and put us in a nervous state, it makes your own peace and inner knowing hard to reach. The flow of information can be fascinating, but information overload can be a distraction that makes you too scattered to think. Despite the many distractions – Jupiter reminds us to take some time to achieve a calm inner state so we can get in touch with our greater life purpose, our true goals. Breathe out the stress of anxiety and fear – and let your mind relax. Replace fear with enCOURAGEment. Then you can be in a state-of-mind to receive the information you need. And not only you – everyone can benefit from your contribution now. What would happen if your positive outreach became viral?

Adding to our courage, the Last Quarter Moon is EXACTLY trine Mars (to the minute) and sextile Venus. This places Venus loosely at the Moon-Mars midpoint. The motivation of LOVE will always be successful.

Jupiter will continue to move Retrograde (backwards) until the end of January. The Lunar Eclipse post awakened us to the important part Jupiter will play as the BIG planet becomes the focal point of a YOD to the Saturn-Pluto sextile. This continues all through December – most intensely from December 20 – 22. Winter Solstice.

Here are some charts.

Sun opposes Jupiter:

sun opposes jupiter
december 2, 2012

Earth conjuncts Jupiter (Heliocentric chart – from the Sun’s perspective):

earth conjuncts jupiter
december 2, 2012

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo:

last quarter moon
december 6, 202

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