Leaks & Sparks: balancing July transits

The Sun creates trines one week – squares the next
We LEAK and we SPARK as WATER and FIRE are powerful
and this is a preview of the month to come…

How do you process a week when the Supremes voted against voter rights and for same-sex marriage – while popular opinion forced a network & sponsors to fire Paula Deen for her remarks, and her book sales skyrocketed. #1 on amazon.com

Jupiter – planet of expansion and publishing – is ACTIVE this summer – taking part of a GRAND TRINE and a T-SQUARE.

As undertones surface – culturally and personally – long-held beliefs come to the surface because they are ready to become CONSCIOUS. What we harbor inside is our resistance to change – and that can weigh us down, especially now. Just like we work on our Selves to become more conscious and aware of our ‘natural’ or subconscious beliefs and actions, we do the same as a culture. As Mercury stations Rx in Cancer, it’s a good time to look at root causes of resistance and disharmony. Running your mouth – even your thoughts – before meditating and releasing – is more than likely to make things harder and more negative. So we are blessed to SEE this now because it gives us opportunities – choices – to do CLEARING work instead of resisting and adding to our challenges.

Saturn-Neptune trines are rare. The next one is September 12, 2036.

Last week of June – the SUN was trine Saturn and Neptune.
First week of July – the SUN is square Uranus and Pluto. The Uranus-Pluto square has been active for several years and will continue for another 2 years. This month the Sun – and then Jupiter – can spike the effects.

JUPITER is moving into position to create a GRAND TRINE to the SATURN-NEPTUNE trine.
This is EXACT on July 17. The influence will be strong for several weeks before and after.

Currently, there is a wildfire in Arizona burning out of control which killed an elite group of firefighters – the largest number of firefighters killed in action since 9/11. Tensions in Egypt intensify as citizens (Uranus) fight for for Uranian ideals of freedom. If your chart is affected – you may also feel these aspects in your personal life. Sudden or even unexpected changes can force us to make adjustments – much faster than planned or desired.

Last week’s transits of the Sun trine Saturn and Neptune gave us a preview of the coming GRAND TRINE of Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune.
The Saturn-Neptune is more POWERFUL and lasts longer because SATURN IS STATIONING DIRECT with the Cancer New Moon on July 8.
Because Saturn stations Direct – Saturn trines Neptune on June 11 and July 19 – when Jupiter joins the Saturn-Neptune trine and enlarges the circle. Accusations based on deceptive thinking (Neptune) will only help the leaks to flow. This is a graphic and very real (Saturn) illustration of what happens when we make things up (Neptune) and take action from a made-up perspective. The reasons for this go deep. Mostly we don’t want to uncover them because it will (seem to) increase the uncertainty. Yet, this GRAND TRINE is a big opportunity to expand and harmonize our experiences.

It’s time to dream big. Imagine more. Discover and move beyond our ruts of belief. ANd that’s important because this is a super SENSITIVE transit. What you sort of perceive can become magnified. And if it gets you down, it can be easy to fall into the subconscious rut of making up stories and blaming the ‘bad’ guy. Or, blaming the part of ourselves we try to disown yet keeps following us… As we see and/or act out our shadow selves by holographically seeing it in others- there is work to be done. The work, if you chose it, is to can SEE your shadows, own them, and release them.

First WEEK of July – the Sun moves into the ongoing SQUARE from Uranus to Pluto – creating a T-SQUARE to URANUS.
Mid July (exact July 17) – Jupiter aligns exactly with the Saturn-Neptune trine and creates a WATER Grand Trine.
Last 2 weeks of July – Mars in Cancer aligns with the Uranus-Pluto SQUARE – provoking and fanning the flames
(in August, Jupiter create a T-SQUARE with the Uranus-Pluto square)

T-SQUARE to Uranus from PLUTO and SUN
T-SQUARE to Uranus from PLUTO and MARS

“Activists” or Agitators?
If you’re impatient – change and progress can never feel fast enough. Change can happen so suddenly, there’s no time to adjust. And that can be a turn off to whoever is (unexpectedly) disrupted. If your personal agenda is your only focus – the disharmony your abrupt actions cause for others can seem to be of no importance. If they’re upset or disturbed, it’s that their problem. Yet, this can affect your field of energy as well.
So the question is – are you making helpful changes that will take time to become ‘normal.’ Or – are you going for shock & control.
Why do we want more harmony than disharmony? Because it feels good;-) And it’s the path to achieving your highest purpose.

As the SUN joins the T-SQUARE – opposing PLUTO on July 2 and URANUS on July 4 – we also find EGYPT in crisis. Morsi’s chart (Aug 8, 1951) features a Sun-Pluto conjunction. The current opposition is stretching that conjunction to the limit, or beyond… (Note: everyone born from 1951-1953 is strongly effected by current and upcoming outerplanet transits – we can lead, or we can be defeated. This mini gen features saturn-neptune square uranus and chiron)

This summer, watch for opportunities to connect with more of what feels positive and encouraging – and delete negative judgments that don’t serve your highest good.
Focus on those who encourage you to flow ….

More as Mars starts to enter the action zone.

Chart for July 17, 2013 – Jupiter-trine-Saturn-trine-Neptune
click for an astro legend

To your abundance and sincere happiness.
Jupiter in Cancer

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This holographic information has been received and shared for your greatest benefit.
Share your blessings and prosper!

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