The Final Debate

presidential debate 3
9:00 PM EDT
Boca Raton, FL

The third and final Presidsential Debate
Monday, October 22, 2012
@ 9:00 PM EDT
Boca Raton, Florida

The Sun enters Scorpio – and within the hour the 3rd and final Presidential Debate takes place in Boca Raton. It’s time to dive deep.




Appropriately, the chart for the Final Debate is a culmination of the 2 previous Debate charts. Since the Debates have taken place at the same time, all 3 Ascendants are in Gemini, with Jupiter hovering near the Ascendant. This chart also has Gemini rising with Jupiter in the 1st house (it was just above the Asc in the 2nd debate). Again, Mars opposes. This time Mars is closest to the Descendant – only 2 degrees away, in the 7th house. That’s even closer than last debate. The opposition of philosophy – as well as the open hostility – becomes visibly clear. This promises to be the most well-defined in this debate series.

Mars on the 7th house cusp (Descendant) and opposing the Ascendant and Jupiter shows the opponent – Mitt Romney – wants to energetically show people (sextile the Moon in Aquarius) what he thinks of Barack Obama. Romney’s sense of competition is spiked. And since this is Mars, he’s not going to be shy about it. He feels strongly about making certain issues public, even if he has to fight openly to do that.

Mars is also at the Venus/Neptune midpoint, so the competitive, spirit can be evoked in people (sextile Moon), even if it’s built on make-believe and vague promises.

Mitt has formidable power and may use it to his advantage. Transiting Mars is trine his natal Pluto, while transiting Pluto is sextile his natal Mars. That’s what i call a double-whammy, when the aspecting planet is also being aspected. In my experience, these are signs of major manifestation. And since the connected aspects are positive – trine and sextile – the energy exchange is easy and beneficial.

Mercury and Venus are (still) sextile, so the dialog can seem pleasant at first. Jupiter conjunct the chart Ascendant can give Obama a kind, knowing presence that evokes cooperation. Jupiter opposes the Mercury/Pluto and N Node/Pluto midpoints. This can make Obama’s arguments very persuasive. And his ability to teach and explain can help the voting public understand the magnitude of this decision. Yet, Jupiter is Retrograde and sesquisquare the Sun, taking an overly high moral stance or being too optimistic can backfire.

The Ascendant is Gemini – ruled by Mercury. And Mercury-in-Scorpio is sitting in the 6th house close to the North Node, and square the Midheaven. The big question on everyone’s mind are jobs, and the future of job (conjunct the North Node), which is education. Besides college degrees, how are we going to educate and train young people for productive work that builds a future? In Scorpio, Mercury wants to know exactly how it will be funded. This issue is echoed by the Sun at the end of the 5th, read into the 6th, at 0 Scorpio approaching Saturn (2 Scorpio). Beyond the theatrics, what is the reality? How, exactly, are we going to build the future?

Besides the classical planets, Mars is conjunct Juno and the Fixed Star Antares. Expect passionate pleas that spark emotions. Since the subject of this debate is foreign policy, it is likely that Mr Romney will make strong, patriotic arguments for the use of more military force.

The goddess Asteroids make a strong statement in this chart. Vesta (stationing Retrograde Oct 21) is at the focal point of a T-Square: Pallas-opposes-Venus, Vesta-squares-Venus, Pallas-squares-Vesta. Women are at a crossroads – they can fight for their reproductive/health rights, or take one for the team, with the suggestion they are being selfish if they want to enjoy anything but working. But not all women will be mute on this subject – Mercury (in Scorpio) is trine Pallas, so women have quite a lot to say about their reproductive decision-making. Venus-square-Vesta shows that women are being forced to decide between enjoyment and commitment, although both are needed for a healthy, balanced life. Will women take a stand for their rights? Or do their rights return to the realm of make-believe?

Juno, goddess of relationships, is conjunct Mars on the 7th house cusp – and opposing Jupiter, the mythic husband of Juno (Hera). Fixed Star Antares is also conjunct Mars-Juno. Proposed aggressive policies will strongly impact committed relationships between men and women. More women may question the need for a committed relationship. Sun approaching Saturn shows men taking responsibility. Are women simply too involved in their women’s issues to focus on complicated economic and political issues? Is it ok if women are considered incapable of making serious decisions? Is it realism? Or sexism with a new twist as Juno trines Uranus.

Ceres is part of a slow-moving outer planet WATER Grand Trine. Ceres-trines-Saturn&Sun-trines-Neptune&Chiron. Saturn-trine-Ceres-trine-Neptune is the heart of this GRAND TRINE. The Sun joins the Grand Trine as it enters Scorpio and conjuncts Saturn. We are united in our desire to protect the children. ANd beyond nurturing our families, many will wan to extend our care to all children, including caring for the Earth itself. The long-term trine of Saturn-Neptune shows we want leaders who believe the care of the Earth is a serious responsibility. A few degrees out of orb is Pluto forming a KITE as it sextiles Neptune/Chiron and Saturn-Sun. Even big business can flourish by being stewards of the Earth and its inhabitants. For a sense of timing – Ceres makes a Retrograde station on October 31, so Ceres will remain at 3 Cancer and continue to trine Neptune through early December (and again in April). Saturn will also station Retrograde (in February), so the Ceres-Neptune-Saturn Grand Trine continues through Spring, while Saturn and Neptune remain trine through the summer.

* As the story unfolds (Mercury in Scorpio) the NYTimes has reported that Iran is willing to talk to the US, after the elections. Perhaps they are endorsing Obama’s less hawkish stance as more negotiable. And perhaps Mars in the 7th house of the final Debate chart – and square Romney’s natal Pisces Mars – is turning his bold stance against him in a way he did not see coming.

Presidential Debate 3
9:00 PM EDT
Boca Raton, FL

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