Prez Debate 2: Town Hall

presidential debate 2
october 16, 2012
9:00 PM

Presidential Town Hall Debate
October 16, 2012
@ 9:00 PM
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY

Do the facts matter? While we are focused on real costs and facts, is the debate really a spectacle of showmanship?




Unlike the cuspy Ascendant in the VP Debate chart, Gemini is definitely rising as this debate begins (19 Gemini 41 @ 9:00 PM)

From what we’ve seen in the first 2 debates, the ‘winner’ depends on which media source you listen to. Everything is relative, so this is a bipartisan astrological look at the chart.

Gemini rises and Jupiter is conjunct the Ascendant. Optimism is literally rising.

Mercury, the chart ruler, is in Scorpio, conjunct the Moon in the 6th house of work and health. The Moon conjunct the chart ruler Mercury shows the people are listening – intensely. Their focus is on jobs and healthcare, and people care deeply about these issues. Mercury and Moon are in Scorpio – we are looking for meaning – and costs – beyond the words and facts. The town hall format fits with the Moon-Merury conjunction; the public gets to ask questions. Even if the questions are answered with a sales pitch.

Jupiter, standing prominently on the Ascendant is the guiding light for this debate. Jupiter is quincunx (inconjunct) the Moon-Mercury conjunction. As this debate proceeds, the positive energy generated can make us feel optimistic. Jupiter quincunx Mercury-Moon shows we can believe whatever message is marketed better – even if it NOT in our best interests.

Jupiter is receiving a square from Venus in (Mercury-ruled) Virgo. More Mercury influence. This debate has the potential for a diplomatic discussion. Will it happen? The inconjunct of the chart ruler to Jupiter on the Ascendant suggests this is more of an appeal to the public than a debate. And the square from Venus suggests it’s not a love fest. Although it is a sales pitch.


Jupiter-in-Gemini conjunct the Ascendant – this debate is a discussion of opposing ideologies.

Here’s why, astrologically. Jupiter disposits to Mars in Sagittarius (Mars is in Jupiter-ruled Sag) – approaching an opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius – there is great contention between Obama and Romney, and a true opposition in their phiosophy of rulership, and how to implement their rulership. Mars opposing Jupiter with Mars in Jupiter’s signs – Arrows go flying!

And since this is Mars, the interaction was physical. Literally getting in each other’s space.

Jupiter is square Venus, so not everything we heard is true. Or sincere. There is an attempt to make everything sound better than it may be.

Spiritually, Abraham reminds us that contrast defines what we DO want. We can be thankful for the extreme opposition in philosophy (Jupiter-Mars) because it helps each of us define ourselves and our desires more clearly.

On to the Final Debate

One thought on “Prez Debate 2: Town Hall

  1. Moon in the 6th, sublimation of energy, the US home planet, the country being used by politicians. Mars in the 6th also, desire and envy used and manipulated.
    Sun in the 5th, the goal ends as a gaol, as Saturn shares the house, frustrating the teaching aspects of Sun in the 5th
    Chiron in the 10th, the theme is there is going to be pain and ebarrassment. Uranus too, a series of shocks and attacks. They will be out of touch (uranus the old man bitterly remembering the missed opportunities of the past) and irrelevant.
    Uranus at home in the end, no one gets seriously hurt.
    Jupiter in the 12th, conventional results, neither side disturbed, they are both safe in the end.
    No surprises here, Venus in the 4th of home, comfort.

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