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Thursday, November 21, 2013
The Sun enters Sagittarius

As the Sun enters Sagittarius, it will square Neptune.
And – exactly as the Sun enters Sagittarius – the Moon will conjunct Jupiter – the ruler of Sagittarius. Now THAT’S exciting!


So as you expand into your spiritual consciousness, not everyone will understand. Some may suggest you are grasping at straws and guilty of other immaterial woo-woo. They may even accuse you of being deceived or deceitful. Yet, this is Sagittarius – an opportunity to go deeper into your intuitive side.

In Scorpio we accessed the FEMININE side of divine wisdom as we learned to love and heal on a higher frequency. In Sagittarius, we will have access to dynamic MASCULINE movement of energy. We’re moving!

Being a perfectionist about your spiritual path can undermine your expansion now. This only means you need to focus more on your spiritual PRACTICES. Yes, this means clearing your mind of clutter and meditating with more intention. When you meditate, you actually ascend dimensions, and the insights & information you receive can have great benefits – not only for you – but for many people – many more than you realize.

Just keep in mind- that even while you expand your consciousness and would like to help the whole world do the same – not everyone is ready at the same time and it will always help to honor & respect the needs of others, even if they are not yours. As you expand, you may want to be more helpful to more people, but you can avoid excess anxiety if your goals are grand yet flexible.

This year, the Sun in Sagittarius is an opportunity to EXPAND your story, to start a new chapter of your life. To go beyond your current conscious limits.

Exactly as the Sun enters Sagittarius, there is a very positive, uplifting accompanying aspect – the Moon conjuncts Jupiter – ruler of Sagittarius. This can make you even more RESPONSIVE to the consciousness expansion available during Sagittarius. You can raise your conscious and SUBconscious vibrations and do deep healing work on your mind and body now.

Get your fulfillment from your spiritual pursuits – not from overeating (filling yourself with food) at holiday festivities!

Leave your bitterness behind and have a good laugh;-}}


And now — on to your brilliant future…!

Chart for the SUn’s ingress into Sagittarius:
Click for an astro legend

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