Solar Eclipse – May 9, 2013

Annular Solar Eclipse = New Moon
in Taurus
May 9, 2013




Sun & Moon @ 19 Taurus 31
Pallas @ 19 Taurus 54
Mercury @ 17 Taurus 17
South Node @ 16 Taurus 52
Mars @ 14 Taurus 29

Eclipse Duration: 6 minutes 03 seconds (that’s long)
Saros Cycle: 138 (15S) – clearing collective tension

This is a SOUTH NODE Eclipse – in TAURUS – business as usual – this is about COMMERCIALISM first and foremost. The future (North NODE) opposes all the planets in TAURUS – or, everything we’re doing now. Will we change? Transformation is not easy when (almost) everyone but the most foresighted leaders are resistant and certain.

Important chart aspects to note:
Grand Sextile (3D superpowers);
Ruler Venus-in-Gemini in mutual reception with Mercury-in-Taurus;
Conjunction of Pallas – Moon – Sun – Mercury – and Mars
2 overlapping GRAND TRINES and 2 KITES – one to PLUTO and another to MARS.

The strong Mercury-Venus connection reminds us of the art of CONVERSATION – that there is VALUE and benefit from learning and communicating (Taurus and Gemini) – if we want to continue to grow and develop.

So how do we make the promise of the Saros Cycle 15S – release from collective tension – become real?

By having CONVERSATIONS – beyond the talking points – we need to be able to say what we need to say, and what needs to be heard – with feeling and kindness – with a willingness to be OPEN and TOLERANT – to engage in a DIALOG – to have INTEREST in others and their opinions – to simply be CURIOUS – so you don’t wind up distancing yourself from your own SELF and others with negative judgment, blame, and shame – and getting everything you said you didn’t want.

This is a highly meaningful time to increase your skills and tools – to communicate and learn. If you are angry or indignant about learning – you may benefit by actively seeking inspiration and motivation. This is an opportunity to walk through a new doorway into a more highly evolved wisdom – to gain a greater capacity for true wealth and higher prosperity consciousness. Aren’t you ready?

Wishing you a happy Taurus ECLIPSE transition into greater love & wisdom.

Here’s the chart for NYC. The second chart shows only the trines and sextiles.


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