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This year, as the SUN enters SCORPIO, be prepared for an EXTRAordinary journey through Scorpio.

As the Sun starts to move through Scorpio, it will conjunct the Lunar North Node, Saturn, and Mercury. this makes Scorpio even MORE intense than the usual intensity, and while it can seem challenging, it is also an opportunity to in-depth healing.



Sun enters Scorpio
October 23, 2013
@ 2:10 AM EDT

Scorpio takes us on a journey to the depths of our souls. Past our conscious minds and deep into our subconscious. And while our conscious minds love to be entertained with clever words, our subconscious prefers silence and empty space – that is what gives it space to create its own joy. To honor the depth of Scorpio – this will be brief.

As Scorpio begins, we are taking our INsights and bringing them OUT. We are learning to LIVE our truth, to live from the inner power that we are. And we are finding the encouragement to express our truth, our LOVE, our passion.

We are taking our soul’s essence and learning to take it OUT. Scorpio, the spiritual sign, is also the sign of sharing, of partnership.

We are taking our INNER spirituality and learning to MANIFEST it in the world so we can create partnership and abundance, both themes of Scorpio.

As the magnetic Scorpio Sun conjuncts SATURN, we are learning to change the very structures of our beliefs. We are building structures that will SUPPORT our new beliefs, in ourSelves and in each other.

Saturn, as the TEACHER, also means we need to be mindful of our energy, and how we share. Our negative thoughts are also strongly transmitted and will create and magnetize more negativity. We need to be responsible, a strong theme of Saturn, or we can spin into greater and more intense negativity.

How can you create more positive energy in yourSelf? Think about your passions. Write them down. Live them. Put your energy into what LIGHTS you up.

What is really at the CORE of your emotions? What are you difficult emotions trying to teach you? Instead of shutting them down, they can lead you through empathy to states of joy, happiness, and creativity.

Saturn, the teacher, also reminds us we need to focus on our inner work. We need to learn, improve our skills to gain the confidence we need to express and share our talents so we can achieve our desires.

Chart for the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio (in NYC):
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