Mercury Retrograde – Why you’re stalling out & how to get back in gear

October 21 – November 10
Mercury stations Retrograde
Why you’re stalling out – and how to get your energy moving again. This post is about taking INSPIRED ACTION.

Astrologically – Mercury Retrograde is always important – but this time – focusing on it as the main event can obscure the deeper significance of the transits happening now.



Mercury Retrograde is giving us a GIFT. It is showing us exactly where, how, and why we are stalling out.

Is it FATE? Or is there something we are missing? Are we looking in the right place for the answers – or are we looking OUTSIDE our SELVES for answers. Mercury Rx in Scorpio reminds us to look within – DEEP within.

You are not going to find our answers by looking outside yourself, by looking to authorities and their philosophies to live by – on automatic pilot. You are going to find YOUR answers by realizing that you have everything you need within yourSelf. And this Mercury Retrograde can help you get back in touch with you inner truth. It’s time to tell your truth.

It’s not that you’re spinning your wheels, it’s that you need to look at where you are now.

Here are the POWERFUL aspects happening while Mercury is Retrograde:

    – Uranus squares Pluto – this aspect has been in effect for several years and has another year to go. It is an aspect of strife between the People and the Powers that be, including high finance. It has brought us the Occupy movement and the Tea Party.
    [This is the 4th out of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares – starting in June 2012 going through March 2015. Read more about this long term SQUARE]

    – SOLAR ECLIPSE – on November 3.

    – SOLAR ECLIPSE – Sun-Moon conjunction in Scorpio (New Moon) – is conjunct Saturn, Mercury, and North Node

    – Uranus is at the focal point of a YOD

    – Jupiter is (widely) trine the SOLAR ECLIPSE and stationing Retrograde

Scorpio is the sign of TRANSFORMATION. As Mercury retrogrades, or backtracks before moving forward again, in SCORPIO – we have the opportunity to transform our minds. This is the perfect condition for SHIFTING our mindset – we can change our lives. We can CREATE our very own life paradigm shift – we can WAKE UP – spiritually – and even make more MONEY, also ruled by Scorpio.

Are you ready to live your higher self? Do you think it’s possible?

1- Let go of feeling you are being VICTIMIZED.

2- EMPOWER yourSelf. Scorpio is the sign of personal EMPOWERMENT.

3- Surrender. You are not the only one with POWER. Your empowerment is PERSONAL, not universal. Other people are also empowered, and there is also a HIGHER POWER.

4- the Transformation, the letting go of EGO so you can realize your DIVINE self and join the abundance of all that is, since you are part of all that is.

Mercury-Rx-in-Scorpio will bring up these Scorpio themes – and more! – for you to RE-view so you can RE-align your energy:

MERCURY RETROGRADE in SCORPIO can take you through stages to release your ego centeredness and realize there is something greater, and you are part of it.

Mercury in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to DIG into our subconscious mind. What are you overlooking, and how can you CLEAR your mindset and open yourself to more of what you want in this life, now?

Scorpio – ruled by Mars – reMINDS us that to make meaningful changes, we need to take ACTION.

Scorpio also needs partners. It’s not about doing it all on your own. Hoarding (the opposite of Scorpio) creates more scarcity. Sharing creates more abundance.

Scorpio awakens our PASSION. you can see Scorpio/Mars as aggressive, competitive, fighting, cutting – all negative uses of passionate energy – or you can use your PASSION positively, actively putting your PASSION to work FOR you. What do you DO with your great ideas? Ideas grow when you ACT on them. (that’s how i’ve written 161 blog posts in the past year and a half, and created over 1000 pages of content on

What keeps you stalled when you could be running in high gear? Negative beliefs about yourSelf keep you anywhere else than PRESENT.

No blame! But this Mercury Retrograde – in Scorpio – is the perfect time to transmute negativity and raise your consciousness.

Chart for Mercury Retrograde:

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  1. Dear Lauren I deeply appreciate your insights and your true directional compass which points unfailingly to the inner light. Thank your for your love, wisdom and direction. One love, Nasos. Toronto, Canada

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