Love Notes from the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo: September 13, 2015


The New Moon in Virgo is on September 13. This New Moon is also a Partial Solar Eclipse, greatly increasing it’s intensity.

New Moons are seeding times. This is when we plant new seeds. Folklore tells us to make a wish at the New Moon, and it’s true. What is deeply planted within you at the New Moon can come to fruition at the Full Moon.

The next FULL MOON is a SUPERMOON – AND – a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse that will be VISIBLE in the US. We are building up to something BIG.

4 days AFTER the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, September 17, is a BIG day astrologically.

On September 17, Mercury (ruler of the New Moon in Virgo) makes a Retrograde station. That lasts 3 weeks and happens 3 times a year. It’s significant, but not life changing.

Also on September 17, Saturn changes signs. This time, Saturn enters Sagittarius and will transit through the expansive sign of Sagittarius until December 21, 2017. This is a social landmark. We are in the mood to explore, adventure, go beyond, expand our horizons – but not without a guide, as symbolized by Saturn, the teacher planet.

And – Jupiter opposes Neptune on September 17. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and its opposition to Neptune shows that, not only are we ready to expand and explore, we can be fooled, tricked, deluded about who and what we trust.

Speaking of who we trust…

To see how Donald Trump’s popularity holds up, we will have to wait until Mars passes by the Donald’s Mars at 26 Leo and conjuncts his 29 degree Ascendant on September 25 – just 2 days before the Full Moon/TOTAL Lunar Eclipse of September 27. It’s not until after the Full Moon/Eclipse that we will know if Trump’s popularity will continue or lose momentum as details and serious analysis become increasingly important. Or, will he go a step over a line as Mars crosses his Ascendant – verbally or physically – and turn off his fans.

The Solar Eclipse in Virgo can make us, the public, even more discerning of character and more aware of details. Concerns over jobs and health can become considerably more important.

I know! What person writing in any media now can NOT mention this man?! He’s a media star. Sun in Gemini conjuncts his North Lunar Node (his ‘destiny’) and Uranus – the media – and all 3 oppose his Sagittarius Moon – exaggeration. He has a 29 degree (last degree!) Leo Ascendant with Mars conjunct @ 26 Leo. He’s just being himself. He’s a natural – and that’s what draws the crowds.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse makes a t-square to Trump’s Sun/North Node – Moon opposition. Challenges and frustrations only make him ego, stronger and more confident.

Before we jump into the exciting upcoming LUNAR ECLIPSE, let’s look at the New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

The Sun & Moon conjunct at 20 Virgo 10 on September 13, 2015 @ 2:42 AM EDT

Although we will see the Lunar Eclipse (weather permitting!), we won’t see the Solar Eclipse in the Western Hemisphere (check NASA for visibility)

The Sun and Moon are in Mercury-ruled Virgo. Ruler Mercury is in Venus-ruled Libra, preparing to Retrograde, meaning Mercury is basically stationary. Venus is in Sun-ruled Leo, creating a tight interaction with Sun, Mercury, and Venus. (Sun/Moon are the midpoints of Mercury/Venus)

There is a lot of love available. Especially, great love of the self. Looking good, strutting your stuff with pride, showing off your sexy. Taken to extremes, and that’s what the Eclipse does, it can be narcissism. Or, you can use this aspect to have open conversations about relationships, love, affection.

On a personal level, this New Moon can remind us to love ourselves. We are all a spark of the divine and by our nature, deserve love. And when we find love for ourselves, we can extend that love vibration to others, creating a life of joy and abundance.

On a political level, we can see a spike in narcissism and pop culture.

Chart for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse (in NYC):
Click for an astrology legend

There are so many exciting astrology events coming up. It’s fun to write about them. And much MORE fun with your contributions.

All contributions are joyously accepted here!

One thought on “Love Notes from the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo: September 13, 2015

  1. Thank you for the update and a special thank you for the Trump analysis!! Many astrologers seem very shy to comment about what’s been going on the past 3 months; but it’s so fascinating to watch this Gemini make mincemeat of the competition. It’s an incredible case study unfolding before our eyes of an incredible Gemini mind at work, moving at lightning speed outwitting the competition.

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