New Moon in Aries: let in the light

New Moon in Aries
Sunday, March 30, 2014 @ 2:45PM EDT
Sun & Moon @ 9 Aries 58

Lightworkers. You are on the leading edge of a new paradigm, ushering in a new way of being – and that’s your mission.


Astrological facts [Sun and Moon are in Aries approaching a conjunction with Uranus. Jupiter and Pluto are opposing and both are square Uranus-Sun-Moon. This forms a T-Square to Uranus-Sun-Moon at the New Moon that will continue to intensify through the week ahead. A GRAND SQUARE continues to become exact throughout April as Mars-in-Libra backs up to form the 4th point of the Square. See the chart below – the RED lines are the squares. The coming Eclipse on April 15 is a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse, first of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses to occur over the next year. All will be visible in North America.]

While many are on the leading edge of change, there are people who are not getting it and will feel alienated, jealous, out of the loop. And scared because they have spent their lives in a tradition that values their state of mind. That’s all they’ve known. Anything else is scary. You can’t avoid them – and – you don’t have to take on their attitudes.

So how to remain uplifted and (hopefully?) uplift others?!

It won’t always be easy to stand for your principles – you can count on opposition to anything you say or do publicly (or even privately) – especially in the month ahead.

At this Aries New Moon, you can feel especially passionate about your ideas and ambitions – and you may feel challenged if you have to consider what others have to add.

There are times you may feel inflamed and even explosive – but if you can control the flame, your light energy can increase as you experience sustained flashes of intense genius in the weeks ahead. Take your negative ego – the ego that needs to be right – out of the game and let your healthy ego play.

Easier said than done as seemingly simple things can press your buttons. Emotions can be extra sensitive and easily triggered, and if you find yourself offended, take it as a sign that you need to pay attention – something is bothering you on a subconscious level that may not be obvious. And the New Moon can especially set this off, helping you become more aware. Instead of covering your emotions with what seems correct and acceptable, understanding your emotions can help you to manage them – and how you express them. Instead of becoming unhinged – letting lose on others – and regretting it later – you can hold your light.

The T-Square in the New Moon chart shows the growing reach of the wealthy and corporations (Jupiter opposing Pluto) and the conflict this creates for a majority of the population (square Uranus-Sun-Moon). Also- it shows that, not only tradition, but religion (Jupiter) is being used to justify and promote politics (Uranus). For the wealthiest, it seems there are no limits. The squares, continuing to become exact through April, are a warning of challenge and potential loss if we overreach our power and privileges. Are some people entitled while others are not, is this for religious reasons? Political reasons? Financial reasons? Who gets to decide the ethics and morality of policy and rights comes into question now. Great manipulation on a grand scale is possible – and that can be challenged (Uranus squares Pluto, yet again, and not for the last time!).

What to do? Hate with more? What if we could stop projecting superiority on the wealthy and powerful. What if we could accept our own SELVES – as we are – as we choose to be. And accept others as they choose to be. We don’t have to agree with them OR become who they tell us to be.

This is about the right to be free. But if we’re trying to take our rights by fighting and blaming others, we are not getting free, we are not being light-workers, we are attracting more toxicity, shame, darkness and becoming more entrenched in our positions – because without anywhere to go, the toxic, negative emotions settle down into your subconscious, or even deeper, into your unconscious mind.

This is an opportunity to let more light in. That’s the opposite of blaming others which lowers vibrations and creates more darkness.

You wouldn’t care what people thought or did if you didn’t want to have a peace-filled happy life. If you didn’t care, it wouldn’t matter what people thought or if they were light or dark. Lack of peace bothers you because you DO care. And at this New Moon featuring Mars-in-Libra opposing Uranus-in-Aries, we can either proactively DO something about the lack of peace, harmony, & progress or we can feel caught in a frustrating merry-go-round.

The New Moon in Aries is the start of a new season of light. You are strong, you are powerful, you are divine, you are awesome – and you can light up the world.

Chart for the New Moon (in NYC):
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