May Astrology High Lights & Squares

May brings flowers – and this year – the promise of better things to come.

The Sun trines Jupiter on May 3. That means 6 days later Jupiter makes its Direct station (on May 9). Positive energy is flowing, vibrations are rising, and so is your confidence. And that can make BIG things happen, as if by magic.

Opportunities to provide your services can be especially promising, encouraging you to finally start moving forward.

Excitement is rising. And rightfully.

(Jupiter’s Direct station is also the exact halfway point of the current Mercury Retrograde station! Mercury continues Retrograde through May 22.

And then along comes Saturn. On May (May 26) SATURN (currently Retrograde in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius) steps in to square Jupiter

And that can crack your egg so you can get past the superficial and get down to the juicy core. Or maybe a better analogy, crack your seed pod, that hard shell that keeps you from letting yourself grow, and letting your ambitions grow. It’s not that your ambitions are inflated or unrealistic, it’s more that you’ll have to get behind them and do what it takes to make them real.

We keep it real when we’re aware of a tendency to over promise and overwhelm ourselves. No need to get fooled by optimism and then disappointed if you consciously don’t take on more than you can realistically handle and do well. You want to keep that optimism going, and add to it by doing the real work.

As we race toward the future, Saturn reminds us to honor our traditions. And as we swell with optimism, the realizing our hopes also means committing ourselves to doing the work. Especially when it gets tough.

Back in March, i wrote this about this year’s Jupiter-Saturn square.

Here we are at the 2nd Jupiter-Saturn square – and this one is extra intense because Saturn is also square Neptune – another super square that defines 2016.

Meanwhile, at this Jupiter-Saturn square, SATURN is at the focal point of a T-SQUARE (square to Jupiter and Neptune*). And that means FOCUS IS SUPER CRITICAL. Being scattered can make you so frustrated you miss something super important- while being FOCUSED can help you tune directly into exactly what can help you reach your goals asap. Instead of trying to do everything out of fear of not fulfilling your goals, this is about being and acting as a responsible adult (Saturn likes maturity!) capable of making informed and beneficial decisions that will help you reach your goals, despite challenges.
(*Jupiter and Neptune are close to an opposition but will not exactly oppose as Jupiter is stationing Direct as we try to find balance between our spiritual and material life. There’s a point where promising the world can move from inspiration to deception.)

What kind of challenges? Too many details that cloud the big picture and derail progress. Too much judgment that creates so much doubt that everything seems like the wrong thing and doing anything is too complicated. Making your hopes SO BIG that they become impossible dreams that frustrate instead of inspire. Losing your vision.

Remember the optimism of Jupiter’s direct station (May 9). There is so much you CAN accomplish now, and so many talents that are begging to be used productively. Instead of going along with seemingly ‘good’ excuses, that are really about insecurities like not being capable, good enough, or lucky, use the opportunities that come your way to grow and improve what you have. You don’t have to be perfect before you do anything.

Most of all, keep doing what you do best… And enjoy.

Some history and background
Until the discovery of Uranus in the winter of 1781, Jupiter and Saturn were the last 2 planets in our solar system. They remain the last 2 visible planets. Mythically, Jupiter and Saturn were both known to represent rulers and kings in ancient times, and as such their relationship signifies a change in leadership, government, and major trends.

The conjunction of these 2 giants, called Great Conjunction, comes approximately every 20 years and the repeated Great Conjunctions are in the same element (air, earth, fire, water) for 240 years. Every 60 years the same sign repeats. The 2000 Great Conjunction was in Taurus, one of the 3 Earth signs (the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Since 1842, the Great Conjunctions have been in Earth signs. (The previous set of Great Conjunctions were in Fire signs.) The last time a Great Conjunction took place in Taurus was in 1940-41. The 1960-61 conjunction was in Capricorn. 2000 was the last Earth sign conjunction until 2655. The next conjunction will be on December 21, 2020 at 00Aquarius29, which begins the Air element phase of conjunctions. Before the end of one ELEMENT, there is a Conjunction in the next element. The Great Conjunction in 1980-81 was in Libra, an Air sign. We are in transition, moving from Earth to Air, the defining element for the next 240 years. We are moving towards Air and into the Information Age, but we have some “Earth business” to take care of first; we need to remember our basic human values and our Earth as we soar into an era of computerized optical information and altered genetics. This last Earth conjunction is the era to make businesses of our New Age ideas. What was just a far-out idea in the last century can become commonplace, marketed, and “consumerable” in the coming Air phase of the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunctions.

This last square is the last major aspect Jupiter and Saturn will make before the next Great Conjunction in 2020. It’s a time we could be moving into the future. In many ways we are. But our fear holds us back. Many of us want to go back to the beginning of the Earth Great Conjunctions, the good ol’ days, but we are moving forward, not backwards.

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Chart for Jupiter’s Direct station (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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