Full Moon in Sagittarius: Game of Truths

fullmoon-6-9-17Full Moon

Feeling lucky? Spin the wheel. Pick your truth. Does anyone’s word matter? Do any words matter? And how do you know who’s telling the truth? The Full Moon chart has some clues, and here’s how i see it…

June 9, 2017
@ 9:10 AM EDT
Moon @ 18 Sagittarius 59
Sun @ 18 Gemini 59

The first thing to note about the Full Moon chart, everything’s connected. There is so much to share and so many to share with.

The Moon in expansive, storytelling Sagittarius is tempered by the Moon’s conjunction with Saturn (and the Sun’s opposition to Saturn). Rules apply. Protocol & practicality matter.

The Sagittarius Moon disposits to Jupiter. (I’m no longer going to use the word “rulership” as it implies domination.) Jupiter is exactly sextile Vesta, and that sextile forms the base of a YOD to Neptune (both Jupiter and Vesta quincunx Neptune @ 14 Pisces). Truth is stretchy and flexible, and therefore confusing. And so is the chart for the Full Moon which includes 2 YODS. This is a “fated” time.

The second YOD is formed by the Vesta-Sun sextile, and they both trine the Juno-Pluto conjunction.

Reality may not be what you want it to be. It can be stretched or bent in uncomfortable ways. And that can mean twisting and adjusting facts to fit your version of the story, distorting what you see and how you see it. Yet, this can be a tough place to find yourself, and unless some adjustments are made, a peaceful state of mind can be elusive. It can be helpful to figure out where you lose focus and why. Or, your imagination can take you further out of range where everything is confusing, distorted, and out of focus, making it too easy to shoot yourself in the foot.

Although patterns at the FULL MOON can take things out of focus and beyond reality, there can be a bend in the road, taking you to a place where you see that all is ONE. Ultimately this is a call for love, understanding, and compassion.

But – getting to this point will require time spent in quiet meditation to reach a deep place of inspiration and spiritual unity. Something has to matter more than the ego’s need for winning more more more. And the path to spiritual wholeness can include confusing and uncertain detours. It’s unlikely everyone will reach (or want to reach?) this goal, but if it’s your chosen road, you can start making strides in that direction. Or, you can see yourself as the victim of an unjust society, filled with lying storytellers who are just trying to undermine and persecute you every step of the way. And that can make it more difficult to confront and resolve confusing emotions. Instead of wallowing in the swamp of martyrdom, you can reach new heights of consciousness. But that will take VISION, FAITH, and HONESTY. And trust, starting with trust in yourself. Otherwise, it is all too easy to project either highly negative or positive expectations on other, either way distorting reality.

Vesta trines the Moon, sextiles Jupiter and is quincunx Neptune. Vesta can help you focus on what’s most important to you and your future. And keep you working towards your big goals. Your devotion matters. Get involved. Even if you do have to make some adjustments, your vision can make it all worthwhile.

The connection of Vesta-Moon makes getting a handle on emotions even more of an important issue. If you can understand your past, you can understand how you formed habits that create dysfunction in your life. Getting a handle on how you got here can help you reach your future, as you move beyond what holds you back from devoting yourself to your path.

Besides trining the Moon making it easier to feel separated and contained, Vesta also sextiles the Sun, and together they form the base of a SECOND YOD as the Sun and Vesta quincunx the Juno-Pluto conjunction, creating a second YOD to the Juno-Pluto conjunction.

The Pluto-Juno conjunction intensifies passion and emotions, especially around partnerships – for love or money – that empower you to face deep issues you may usually not confront. Difficult motions – like jealousy, suspicion, persecution – can usually be kept under control. But at the Full Moon they can surface in uncomfortable ways. We all get there at times, so you don’t have to feel singled out for experiencing them, especially if you breathe through then and refrain from venting on whoever you think may be to blame. This is about fear of losing what you’re most passionate about, but it goes deeper than one temporary situation. You don’t have to feel pressured to set things right – once and for all – because that will just put you in a a power struggle you can’t win without serious damage.

The aspects to Jupiter – dispositor of the FULL MOON – suggest a trend to make up your own game and play by your own rules, especially when it comes to politics, law, religion, and philosophy. The truth is important. But playing games with truth can get dangerous when the truth has to be YOUR truth on your terms. And that can be a stretch to fit with actual reality.

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